Change of Career?


For a while now, I’ve been wanting to do more. More than just be a waitress. Whilst I love it to an extent, it’s not what I’d call a rewarding job. It has no real future and as you get older then, it becomes that little bit less enjoyable.

For a while now I’ve been thinking of becoming a Slimming World Consultant. To 1) Help others who struggle with their weight like I have/do. and 2) To give myself a boost and something to aim higher for.

Then, one night hubby and I were watching tv about Health Foods. The benefits of natural fats, the things that are superfoods. You know the type of thing, when it hit me.

Why stop at being a Slimming consultant? Why not go the whole hog and find a new career in the NHS?

I’ve looked up a few things and I really am seriously considering going to college next September (if we’re still in Suffolk) and studying to become a full on Dietician.

It makes so much sense.

I know about the weight loss side, the diabetic side and the pregnancy and small children nutrition through alot of personal experience and if I can combine the two and work in the public offering help and guidance to those needing/wanting to lose weight or for medical needs then I feel it’s something I can really excel at and it is something I truly believe in.

This year is a little too short notice to begin the courses I need and it would mean giving up my current work to study on a 3 day course which later in the course will be upped to 5 days for placement duties.

I say “If we’re still in Suffolk” for the simple fact, that hubby has been offered a new job. Still doing what he is doing but on a bigger scale and it would mean MAJOR relocation for a minimum of 4 years. Again, I don’t want to say too much for something that may or may not happen but it is very much “Abroad”. That’s all I’m going to say on that for now. The money sounds good, the oppertunity is a once in a lifetime oppertunity but it’s him who finally has to make that decision. He’s the one who has to take on the big job and obviously as a family, we’ll support him whichever way he chooses. We’ll know more about the actual deal in October and then have a big big big decision to make that will affect the future of ourselves and kids – probably forever.

So, watch this space.




Oh The Drama

news_blood_donationNormally, I’m one of the most easy going, no fuss, simple-life loving people around.

I don’t like to stand out in a crowd. I’d much rather blend in, be anonymous and just generally be a bit  invisible. I really am not that comfortable being the center of attention so do as much as I can to stay out of the limelight, to not cause a fuss and to just get on with what I need to do and leave.

Yesterday felt as far away from those moments as possible.

Life on Thursday really didn’t go to plan.

It started off well. I’d discovered that there was a blood donation session in my area. I’ve been a blood donor before but I haven’t been able to give blood for at least 7 years due to being pregnant, having small children then moving house and just “never getting round to it”.

Yesterday was the perfect opportunity for me to go along, give blood, have a biscuit and a drink then go home. Simple………….. So I thought.

Medical history all up to date and fine, I go onto the new seats, get tipped back so I’m laying back but with my feet up for good circulation then confirm my name, address and date of birth and get ready to go.

In the past I’ve been told I have deep set veins and sometimes it’s hard to find them. This time, it was still a little deep set but they had no trouble. I did the thigh clenching, the leg crossing and the opening and closing the fist exercises as my little plastic bag filled nicely with my pint of blood.

Before I knew it the alarm was going off, the blood donation nurse came over and said “Well done. You’ve finished”. I made conversation saying I didn’t realise I’d done as it seemed much quicker than I remembered and she agreed I was a fast filler and had done a great job. I was slowly bought back up to the sitting position, feeling fine so I was sent over for my post donation drink and snack where I had 2 cups of orange squash and a couple of biscuits. So far so good.

After the recommended 15 minutes I was thinking about going home. I still didn’t have a bus for half an hour and couldn’t be bothered to wander round town so I thought I’d have another 5 minutes, make a trip to the ladies and make a slow walk to the bus station.

This is where it all went wrong. I hung about for another few minutes and began to feel incredibly sick very quickly. I started having palpitations and in the few seconds it took to tell someone I was feeling really ill, I had about 5 people gather round me, help lift me off the chair as everything went blurry, lights were in front of my eyes and I felt light headed. I don’t know if I blacked out but I was lowered onto the floor, my legs elevated and one of the nurses applied wet cotton wool pads to my head and chest as I was burning up and sweating.

After a little while, I don’t know whether it was minutes or seconds, it all just felt like it all happened in the space of 10 seconds. It just flew by. In those moments I had all sorts of nightmare scenarios rushing through my head. An ambulance ride to hospital, hubby being called to collect the kids from school and that’s the last thing I’d want to have my kids to go through.

Back up on one of the special chairs a few minutes/seconds later I had another drink of water with a straw and took 5 minutes just composing myself and getting back to normal. They went through after care and what to do if I felt faint again, to carry my card with me a couple of hours at least. Told me to rest, not to do any strenuous activities, to drink and eat plenty and basically take it easy. I asked if I was still ok to collect my kids from school considering I have to walk and wouldn’t drive today after this even if I did have the car. She said there was no reason why not. I just omitted the fact it’s almost a 2 mile round journey on foot.

Once they were satisfied I was ok, I was back sitting at the table and encouraged to eat more biscuits and keep up my fluids. By now I felt fine. The people I was sitting with before had all recovered and gone and I was sitting with the next set of donors.

I waited and waited but all the drinks had gone straight to my bladder and I was desperate for a trip to the ladies. So I took my bag but left my coat and went for a little walk. I laughed with the nurse who’d been paying close attention to me and said “I’ll leave my coat here, if I’m not back in 10 minutes, send a search party.”

Thankfully that wasn’t needed.

In the wash area I bumped into one of the nurses that grabbed me who smiled and said I was looking much better. Definitely back to the colour a healthy human should be.

I went back, said I’d felt fine since I got up and asked to leave. My nurse agreed I looked better and could go when I was ready.

After all my dramatics and demonstrating how NOT to give blood, my bus was now due in less than 10 minutes so I made my way home.

I was fine the rest of the day just felt a bit of an idiot. Whilst I was in the recovery chair with my feet up I asked if many people fainted and the nurse said normally one or two in the 3 hour session they are open. It’s normally when people get up a little too early or too quick, she explained, not after recovery time when they think about going.

I’m just glad I held on for a few minutes longer and that I didn’t collapse in the toilets, in the street or on the bus and ended up having a trip to A&E in other circumstances. People were able to catch me. Outside I’d have probably had a bang to the head or bruises on the body at the very least and not just a bruised ego.

I’m grateful that these ladies and gentlemen do their jobs so well. That they can give hope and health to those that need it and help and support to those who don’t get it quite right when giving blood like me.

Bring On Spring

Camber Sands

The half term has flown by and it’s been a very different half term break for me. I got to look after the kids for just 1 day by myself.

On the Friday they finished school they went off to my mums for a sleepover. Hubby and I did the Valentines thing and they returned on Sunday afternoon.

Monday was all change. Hubby had the day off work and took them on a train journey to our not-too-far-away-city of Norwich whilst I went back to work at the Cafe.

I worked Tuesday with hubby looking after them, had Wednesday off and I was back at work so the boys had Nan looking after them for Thursday and Friday.

I missed that little place. I really enjoyed working that week. I had a great time and slotted right back in to it.  It did make me realise though that as much as I love it, covering for holiday for someone elses absence in the kitchen, that there wasn’t enough work for 2 cooks and a kitchen assistant. Before Christmas we were busy preparing for big orders, busy work days and general Christmas sales. Now in February, there was just the average day to day stuff to do. The days went quick and I enjoyed my time there. I have another odd day to cover March 6th which I’m looking forward to.

For the weekend with both myself and hubby off we took the kids away to a little seaside resort in Sussex called Camber Sands. We enjoyed the great outdoors, a walk along the beach eating ice creams, parks, play areas, music and fun. We stayed away over night and returned Sunday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon on the way home, we made a chance stop at a car dealership and bought a car on the offchance. There’s nothing particularly wrong with our current car……as yet but it has very high milage and is 12 years old so we’ve got ourselves a nice little Honda Accord to keep us going for another couple of years.

This weekend we got all the paperwork through regarding Liam’s genetic issues. I am rather annoyed that the letter sent to us NOW asks for an appointment to be made to check him out with an echocardiogram to check his heart. I am annoyed because we had this diagnosis FOUR months ago and now they want to check him for rather serious health abnormalities. I’d have hoped that would be an early formality but we’ve never seen any signs of poor health so feel that if it had been an issue then we’d have been seen earlier so I don’t have any worries really but I feel it that after all the blood tests he’d had and everything already, it really should have been suggested with the diagnosis back in October.

Today is their last day off as we return to school tomorrow. It’s a nice peaceful day as we’ve had a trip to the shops and James has baked some bread. Now we go back to the tv and have some snuggle time.


1. It’s the last day of the school holidays. For the first time ever I feel a bit more sad than relieved.

2. Yes, I am an evil mother for admitting that.

3. This year the kids have been that little bit easier to deal with. Matthew is maturing and his behaviour is improving by the month and the other 2 are that much bigger and more able to amuse themselves. I’m less of a slave to all 3 as Matthew wants to help and does regularly. Matthew helps the little ones with so much, it’s lovely.

4. I must be at the “peak” of my cycle. I’ve been a bit broody this week. I can tell the difference between “peak” cycle and “due on” time by whether I’m obsessed with babies (peak) or if it’s the opposite and AF is due when I get really obsessive about my hair and feel the urge to get it all chopped off.

5. Of course, broodiness also comes with letting my baby’s go. Baby-est boy is off to full time school tomorrow. I’m a bit emotional for that.

6. I realised just how anxious and sad I am about it when I had a bit of a nightmare about it all the other night. It started off taking the boys to school but upon collection time Liam was not there. I was hysterical outside the school doors sobbing, “Where’s my baby? You’ve taken my baby! I want my baby back!” I don’t think I need to go very far into my side interest of dream interpretation of what that meant!

7. My husbands grandparents are going to be going into assisted living quarters. It’s not a residential home, but they have their own apartment including lounge, kitchen, shower room and bedroom and all the benefits of a residential home with bills paid, entertainment, cleaning done,  meals three times a day and a whole new host of friends. Hubby’s Grandads health has taken a turn for the worst in the past few weeks and though he’s not suffering too badly he’s in his 90’s and they both realise that life is getting tough for them in their bungalow and that they may be best to accept that whatever time they have left, they will be better with less work and stress and to actually relax and enjoy life.

8. Back to the good stuff, it’s birthday month. I love September. 3 birthdays in the house within a week is expensive for family but alot of fun for us. 🙂

9. I spent the morning cleaning out all my kitchen cupboards and doing a major declutter. I filled 2 big black binbags of old food we won’t finish, old utensils, old blenders, cracked serving plates. Ya know, the stuff that gets pushed to the back of the cupboard and forgotten about? All that has gone. I then gave the cupboards a good clean as you tend to get grease splats no matter how much you wash things up and then re-sorted the cup/glass cupboard, the beverage cupboard and all the plates which had double up as a cereal EVERYWHERE cupboard. The mini boxes of cereal were everywhere, old boxes of cereal that we’d started and didn’t like but still stayed there were binned. I’ve decluttered 2 boxes of “bits” that didn’t have a real home, done the washing, thrown out the dead flowers.I feel I’ve got a lot done today.

10. September is going to be a good dieting month. I can feel it in my bones! School holidays are the toughest time ever and I’ve managed to lose a grand total of wait for it ….. 3LBS in 6 WEEKS. Yes, it’s horrific. However in my defence, I’ve had a holiday, a wedding anniversary weekend away, meals out and my weight has been up and down. I NEED my routine back, I need a pattern to my life. I need the kids out the house, If they don’t eat biscuits, I don’t eat biscuits. It’s all SO simple deep down. Holidays make me weak but I am full of positivity and will do so much better this month.

11. On the plus side I went clothes shopping recently. A new coat is 2 sizes smaller than my last, I am down 1 size in jeans, 2 in stretch trousers and down a whole cup size in my new bras. Something is working.

12. I want to lose at least 6lbs by my birthday. Hoping 3 of those will be gone next week as I am determined to get that 1stone award this week. I’m very very determined. I just need to remain focussed and strong. I can do it.

Every Mothers Holiday Dilemma

“What can I do to entertain, maybe even gently educate the kids, in the school holidays without breaking the bank?”

My husband uses the car for work so I am limited in what I can do with 3 kids meaning it needs to be done at home or within walking distance.

This week we’ve enjoyed a riverside picnic. We took a walk down a country lane, crossed a bridge and parked our bottoms on the side of the river Stour and tucked into a nice little feast. Exercise, friends, healthy food (for me, not so much the boys) and sunshine are what make the days special.

A trip down the lane to where the trees line the horizon, a right turn and over 2 footbridges gets us to the picnic field we use in the hamlet of Liston.
liston 2
Our picnic spot.

The kids love the great outdoors and as the river is just a few minutes walk from home, we spend alot of our summers here. The kids can have a runabout in the field, then we go through the fields to come back through the centre of the village stopping for a well deserved ice cream.

The next couple of days have been spent in town, having local walks and a trip to visit family.

Today we are being creative and learning a skill at the same time.

The kids are making homemade pizza.


Matthew has already prepared the dough. I’ve made the sauce. I will soon prepare the cheese, pepperoni, chorizo, ham, sweetcorn, peppers, onions, jalapeno’s, tomatoes and basil so the kids can help themselves to make their own pizzas, I know the boys will go for all the meat and I will go for all the veg!

The base is actually a basic Slimming World recipe. Bread flour, yeast, salt and water. And I am using my cheese as a healthy calcium choice today so it’s a Slimming World girls dream. I will have a smaller portion of cheese than the kids too. I’m having a good week, I’m determined not to cave in just because it’s the weekend.

Healthy eating is a daily lifestyle change. If I want to lose it and keep it off, then I need to change my ways of thinking as much as eating.

I’m not entirely sure where the rest of the weekend will take us, it’s sometimes just nice having no plans.