This is my handsome eldest.

Now 12 years old and at secondary school, he has matured so much in recent months. September and the changing of schools has really made him into a young gentleman.

He has been rather unscathed with the passing of his dad and I am grateful for that. We have a good support unit behind him if he needs it and I do think (and hope for some time) that he has a good stable family behind him should he ever need it.

Today he is back at school after half term whilst James and Liam are at home with me. Hubby is currently away in Dublin on a stag do. He gets home tomorrow evening. He only went yesterday and whilst I missed him, I’ve also enjoyed my time alone with the children.

We had an amazing time when we went to Dublin for our anniversary in August. Certainly somewhere I’d love to go back. The flight was short and there was so much to do in the 4 days we stayed over. The food was wonderful and we had some lovely evenings out. We took advantage of an activity pass that allowed us entry to many local sightseeing destinations and made the most of our days visiting the famous prison, the Guinness Store House where Guinness is produced, visiting the zoo, playing mini golf. One of my favourite little trips was to the Coast.  The sea really was that green! It was a beautiful little place. I hope hubby is currently enjoying his time there this time round.


Yesterday we had a quick trip to the park and I got some lovely pictures of the boys where my two little ones were actually smiling and not making silly faces. I guess all 3 have matured in recent weeks and months.

James has some new pets, he has his own little goldfish that he has named Goldie and Steve. Steve being named after the character in the game Minecraft. He has a real love for games and enjoys the active ones on the Wii as much as the ones where he just stares at a screen. He is also very much into Ghostbusters these days.

Liam still loves all animals and we have just signed up for National Geographic Kids magazine to be delivered to him every month. He loves it. He, like Matthew, enjoys facts and learning about the animals especially the penguins. The penguins are still his utmost favourite animal ever. There can never be enough penguins.

At school, both boys are doing really well with their reading and writing. They are doing brilliantly and I love seeing them shine and the confidence that comes from reading a book all the way through with no help. They love it, they feel clever and they are proud of themselves as they should be. Writing is a struggle, like it is for most boys, but they are getting better and getting awards for improvement at school. It’s great to see them grow in this way.




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