Life Is Good

My last couple of posts have been a little, well, ya know, thoughtful to say the least but overall, we’re good over here.

The kids are loving the school holidays, They really enjoyed their holiday in Somerset and so did hubby and I. The apartment we had was actually a two storey house. It was AMAZING inside and out. This was the view from our balcony that overlooked the lake.

IMG_20150717_150054Inside, it was tastefully decorated and very much to my liking.

IMG_20150717_144601784IMG_20150717_144625319IMG_20150717_144706941_HDRNot bad for a week away huh?

There were plenty of green spaces for the children to play. James and Liam spent afternoons taking part in kids clubs that involved a treasure hunt – Pirate themed of course and a games afternoon and a mini sports day.

IMG_20150717_145945 IMG_20150718_092012457The kids were even able to hire scooters for the break,

The weather was great, the outside pool was cooler than last year but still great fun and a lovely sight.

IMG_20150718_135545648Matthew got a once in a lifetime opportunity to train and then dance with Diversity, winners of 2011 Britain’s Got Talent. Before getting a certificate, a wrist band and a photo with the dancers.

matthew diversityThe only problem with the whole thing was that we sat through nearly 2 hours of training and dancing to the first verse and chorus Uptown Funk. That SONG is going to be the death of me. I really never want to hear it again.

The little ones got a little star struck when they met the camp mascot Billy Bear. They got a big high five each then we followed him to the funfair,

IMG_20150719_122645792IMG_20150719_122719149Before getting a picture taken at his statue.

IMG_20150719_123229461One evening we took a stroll off camp to the nearby harbour. It was a lovely walk and so serene.

IMG_20150719_193045299_HDRIMG_20150719_194755790_HDRIMG_20150719_194738737_HDR IMG_20150719_194745332Another evening hubby and I went out into the town on our own for a meal out whilst Mum in law looked after the boys. Matthew had evenings to himself. He wasn’t really interested in the shows so made friends and spent the evening playing football on the sports field. He was given a 9pm curfew and was with us at 8.55pm every evening. I was so proud of him. He took his mobile, used his alarm and showed great time management skills. I was very impressed.


One thought on “Life Is Good

  1. Wow! Looks like a very lovely vacation! I love the house you rented as well. Sign me up to come stay there please! Glad the boys had such a great time as well! 🙂

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