Besides the last post, alot has been happening in recent weeks. I’ve really been neglecting my poor old blog.

1. I’m driving again. Yes, me! The Car-o-phobe in me has been subdued due to having a car of my own. Yes, it all sounds shocking but I’ve addressed my fears. Hubby bought me a little old automatic car and I love it. It’s small enough for me and I have no gears to worry about. It was gears that slowed me down. It was gears that caused rolling back on hills, stalling at junctions, those dreaded hill starts. My little car has given me confidence I’ve never had in a manual. I feel like I CAN drive.

2. After a miscarriage early in the year, SIL is pregnant again. Due early January 2016 we’re all very excited. Especially since the boys cousin Nelson was born a good few days late and finally arrived on James’s birthday and well, this baby is due a few days before Matthews. Could we have 2 sets of cousins sharing birthdays?

3. My nan’s dementia is getting worse. She needs help but doesn’t see it. She’s getting to be hard work but won’t accept any help. We’re all accused of all sorts for making suggestions to make her life easier. She just doesn’t see herself as an 82 year old woman who is getting weaker and not coping with day to day stuff.

4. I’ve been offered some new jobs. Basically, the restaurant was cutting my hours due to business slowing in the summer as no-one wants to be in a hot restaurant eating curry on a hot night. I was getting sent home from shifts and being told not to come in at such short notice that I was getting annoyed by it so I was a bit sneaky, went off looking for something else and easily found work elsewhere. BUT I love my restaurant job. So speaking to the manager, telling him I have other options, got things moving in the right direction. Already my hours have risen again and business is slowly beginning to pick up again. All good and I don’t have to change jobs.


6. This week Matthew is on his transition week up to Secondary school. He is looking forward to it. I’m a little nervous. I can’t believe my first born is so grown up already!

7. We go on holiday at the end of this week. I sure as hell need it.

8. We’ve been having visits from the tooth fairy this month. James lost his first tooth on a Thursday. He put the tooth under his pillow, the tooth fairy delivered £2 and put the tooth in a safe place. James woke up very excited on the Friday with his money. On Saturday, Liam handed me something. He put in my hand a little tooth. “Where did this come from?” Mummy asked, afraid that the Tooth Fairy was rubbish and hadn’t disposed of it in the right manner. To which Liam showed me a big bleeding gap in his mouth. We didn’t even know that it had been wobbly! We were so focussed on James’s wobbly tooth, that he was really proud of we didn’t suspect anything with Liam as he hadn’t said anything at all so it was a real surprise (and left mummy with a sense of guilt and neglect of not knowing this was occurring with baby boy) Since then, Liam, has lost his second tooth. He was worried because he couldn’t find it and he says it came out in bed. We did wonder if he’d swallowed it, he was very worried he had swallowed it but the tooth fairy still left his money and the tooth turned up in the bedroom 2 days later. James is still waiting for tooth number 2 to come out.

9. Monday I took James to the dentist for the first time. He had an accident as a toddler which meant that his top front tooth was knocked upwards and is now embedded just in front of the gum bone. It’s been a little uncomfortable for him recently so we thought we’d get it checked out. I arrived at the appointment on Monday to be told I was a day early. Last week was truly one of those weeks! My head was everywhere. But they fitted him in and said that if it caused a lot of problems, the only way to solve the tooth in the gum issue would be to surgically remove it. We’ve known this some time. I explained we’d come because of the discomfort and I was worried that it was because his teeth are on the move it was because the new tooth was struggling to drop down. The dentist didn’t think that was the case as the tooth embedded was not directly in line with where the tooth would be pushing from. Phew. So, after 4 years of waiting we’re a little clearer that the tooth underneath may not have been damaged and will fill his gap as it should. We’re done for 6 months and it will be under review so we have a clearer picture come January of what will actually happen.

10. Finally, weight loss update.  To date, since May 2013 I have now lost a grand total of 90 (NINETY) pounds or 6st 6lbs in English conversion and have gone from a size 24-26 to a svelte and comfortable 16. It feels so good. On Tuesday I really want to make that 6.5 stone mark and my 4st Slimming World award. Then I’m on holiday and expect a gain with that but then after that I’m going for the 100lbs target and be in the next stone bracket down for my anniversary week with hubby in Dublin in August. I’ve got the motivation, I’ve got the drive and I find summer months easier to stay focussed and get results. Watch this space. 🙂


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