Picture Post For Summer Half Term Break

IMG_20150527_100315792You always can tell with me when life is good. I tend to be too busy to update and feel that I have so much to say.

Last week was half term week so we went down to Sussex for a couple of days with the kids.


The weather was gorgeous as pictures in this post will show and the kids had so much fun. We had a lot of giggles, a lot of family time and made new memories for the future.

IMG_20150526_113037978We did just about everything we could fit in. A day trip to the seaside resort of Hastings where we had a trip on a Cliff Lift. Something I would have been to afraid of going on in the past but with kids, you seem to put your fears aside and encourage them to try new things. To teach your kids to be brave is to teach yourself to be brave.IMG_20150526_113702320_HDR

It was an incredibly steep incline both up and down but I did it.

IMG_20150526_113246271The view from the top was amazing as was the view through the glass doors.

We took the kids swimming one afternoon, here are Liam and Matthew waiting for the pool to open.

IMG_20150528_171219The kids took part in the entertainment kids competitions every evening. They really enjoyed themselves. They are growing up so fast and love to just take part in things for the fun of it all. They never won any prizes but loved the evenings out.

We did mini golf a couple of times on a pirate themed golf course which of course, the boys loved and I learnt that I am a pretty good aim when it comes to mini golf.

IMG_20150526_144203285My Liam absolutely LOVES penguins. They have always been his favourite animal so he really wanted to have his picture taken with this penguin……….

IMG_20150528_171316…………..Even though it’s a bin.

We returned home on Thursday and called in at my nana’s as she was celebrating her 82nd birthday. We got her a little cake and this gorgeous bunch of flowers.

IMG_20150528_170853088_HDRThe weekend was a set of mixed emotions as we lost a very close family friend. He lived next door to us for 20 years and worked with my dad 15 years prior to that. He and my dad played darts together every week too. He was only 61 and had been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer just before christmas. He went to the Doctors with what he thought was a chest infection from a cold and it all went so quick from there.  It still seems so surreal that he’s gone, just thinking that 6 and a half months ago, we all thought he was “fine” and he was harbouring this. He really was a lovely man with kids the same age as myself and younger brother with 5 grandkids. Sometimes life just isn’t fair like that.  It hits home when it’s so close to home and your own parents are just a year or two younger.

Then this weekend, I made the biggest purchase of my life!!! (Aside from the house) We’ve put down a big deposit for a brand new kitchen. Eeek.

We are having these cupboards (minus the glass doors), the same door handles and finished off with a pine worktop.

kitchenWe don’t get that beautiful work station on the left as that’s where we have a door way. We are having a built in oven and hob and cooker hood. And the tall cupboard on the left will actually be on the right for us to separate the kitchen from the dining room as a partition and the oven will actually be in the middle of the unit with a cupboard above and a cupboard beneath it. The hob and hood will be central like in the picture and our sink is under the window.

It won’t be installed until the end of August but I will post pictures.

My perfect little country cottage will soon have it’s own little country kitchen to be proud of.

And yes, I MUST have those brick tiles on the wall, we just need to decide on the colour.


2 thoughts on “Picture Post For Summer Half Term Break

  1. Love those beach pictures! It looks so lovely and even warm! 🙂 and that lift looks pretty cool – proud of you for braving it! What a wonderful holiday altogether! Where’s the pics of you mama??? 😉
    The kitchen will be fab! I love it! Can’t wait to follow the progress. And I think those tiles are called subway tiles. 🙂

    1. It was warm but very breezy so didn’t feel particularly warm. I got rather red on beach day despite having wind induced goosebumps. Now we wait for the next break. 🙂 that one without kids.

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