The Little Things

Happy Mothers Day to all those celebrating today. We had ours a few weeks back here in the UK so happy times to all of you celebrating this lovely day.


The last few weeks have been incredibly good for me on a personal level. Nothing too out of the ordinary but I am feeling highly blessed and incredibly fortunate.

I have heard of two local people who have died suddenly aged just 34 and 44 and it’s just made me realise how precious each day is.

I’ve never been one to take the world for granted and know to thank my lucky stars for every little blessing that comes my way.

Saddened by the loss of these two people in their prime, one with a very young family, the other with teenagers it’s made me appreciate my own mortality and family that little bit more. I am incredibly lucky to have both parents and 2 of my 4 grandparents alive as I am in my mid 30’s.

These poor families have lost parents far too young, the youngest 7 months old will never grow up knowing her mother who suffered a brain hemorrhage. The other family will celebrate an 18th birthday in a few weeks with Dad not there due to complications during and after a hernia surgery.

I didn’t know this lady personally but I know many people who did. Whilst I only knew the man to say hello to, I know his wife and to be a 40 year old widow, it just seems so unjust. Life seems so unfair at times but we have to make the most of what we do have when we have it.

Children grow up. Enjoy those early days. The sleepless nights end, the tantrums end, the nappies, the weaning, the teething. All those little things soon disappear. The attitudes change as they become older. As they become mini adults and want to make their mark on the world.

My 11 year old is certainly testing new boundaries but I remain an incredibly proud mother as he develops and grows stronger in self confidence to test this new found power he now has as an independent young person.

The smaller two are the best of friends. They are almost like twins. They stick together throughout everything, love the same things, share the same toys, the same interests and the same sense of humour. They also continue to mature, to continue amazing me in new ways.

My mum and dad are fit and healthy(ish). My mum turned 60 on Friday. She has a knee problem. My Dad is overweight and a smoker but in pretty good condition considering. They are both away for the weekend at the moment to have an escape from everyday life for a couple of days. I spoke to my mum this morning and she sounds like she is really enjoying it.

So whether you are with Mum, remembering Mum or simply just being a Mum today. enjoy every moment. Fill your days with love and laughter and value those you cherish dearly.


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