UK News

It’s a big week in the UK this week.

You, like me, were probably not on another planet this Saturday when the news of the birth of a new Princess being born was the big news of the day. We did seem to be hours behind the people of facebook for this news though as we were out for the day and missed much of the media frenzy. The little Royal lady should officially be named today. Whilst I said it with Prince George, I think the Royal Family need to be bought a little up to date and break a little with the old tradition. I see nothing wrong with Princess Rebecca, Amy or Hannah but my gut instinct is that she will be named either Alice Diana or Victoria Diana. I can’t see Prince William not having his mother’s name in there somewhere nor do I believe the Royal Family would allow or accept Diana as a first name for a possible future Queen.

Also this week we have the big political election. We are likely to have another coalition between government parties as to be honest, as a British Citizen who has not got a great deal of political knowledge or understanding, they all sound pretty similar with a couple of things I really like about the main parties and a few things I really don’t. Despite being politically clueless I will be voting. I will vote for the party that I feel can be most beneficial to my family on the grounds of health and education and general quality of life. If I vote, I know I’ve done my bit to try and secure what I want in life. Nothing annoys me more than those who do nothing and just complain about the outcome. If my party does not end up running the country then so be it but I know I made my choice and took part in something that I could have made a change with. It’s the people who have the power and if a certain number of people can’t be bothered or simply don’t use their “voice” to vote then they have no room for complaint.

Change can scare so many people. We have the power as individuals to change things. Some change is inevitable and you can never please all of the people all of the time but whilst we have that power of choice, we should take it.

On Friday this week it will be my mum’s 60th birthday. Later in the year, it will be her and my dads 40th wedding anniversary so as a combined present hubby and I have paid for them both to go away next weekend. They are going back to the place where they met for two nights. It’s just a little quiet getaway. Mostly to give my mum a break. She’s under a lot of stress and pressure with my nan at the moment and I think a couple of days away is just what she needs.

Hubby and I have just applied for new passports. Mine expired last month (We will overlook the fact I never changed it almost 5 years ago when I remarried) and his expired a while ago so we’re getting the paperwork in order for expanding our horizons over time. We’re already thinking about a trip to Dublin, Ireland or getting the Eurostar to Bruges for a weekend break around our anniversary later this year. It all depends on when we get the passports back.


4 thoughts on “UK News

  1. I haven’t been to Dublin yet, but I HIGHLY recommend Bruges! We stayed 2 nights there and wish we could have had longer. It’s magical!

    1. I’ve heard a lot about Bruges and it looks like my sort of city. It looks beautiful. I’m really looking forward to travelling a bit more x

    1. I do think people take the right to vote for granted. Hope you get along to vote and register your opinion and choice. Good luck with getting the result you would like.

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