Crossover to my weightloss blog

Over at my weightloss blog, I’ve been marking off some milestones and thinking about the future.

Feel free to browse, to read my history and there will be more history in the making.

Not so long back I won a dress and ordered it small making it an aim for my summer holidays. The past weekend I went out wearing it and feeling amazing!

IMG_20150425_190137 IMG_20150425_185804

And here’s me in cosy casual as a size 16-18 in leggings and a jumper from GAP – A shop I never thought I’d buy clothes from.

IMG_20150425_175020066But, yeah, it’s all good.

The family are all back to normal and healthy enough for now. So I hope that the new month brings happier times.


2 thoughts on “Crossover to my weightloss blog

  1. You look fantastic! So proud of you and your hard work! Will check it your other blog! It wouldn’t load for me last night for some reason…

  2. Looking gorgeous! Well done you!! I can’t wait to be able to buy in shops such as GAP again. I’m just plucking up the courage to re-start my slimming world journey this week. With commitment and positive mental attitude it certainly works. Thanks for the inspiration šŸ™‚

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