What A Week!!!


Here’s a pretty picture  I took of local wildlife to calm the senses before I start the release of what’s been a hectic, stressful, emotional, tiring and time consuming week. I really don’t know where the past seven days have gone but it’s been a hard week. Bear with me, this is for my own personal outlet just to destress and let the feelings, well, maybe facts more than feelings just flow.

1. Last weekend we were out celebrating hubby’s grandads 90th Birthday. We went to a local Toby Carvery near to the grandparents home and were joined by hubbys mum, sister and her boyfriend. All good except Liam was a little poorly.

2. Sunday we did a trip to a car boot sale. We’ve not done that for a little while. We got some little bargains as we shopped around buying a few second hand pieces no one wanted for a small price. Liam still wasn’t himself. We called in to visit my nan and saw my uncle and filled him in on my Mum’s 60th birthday surprise.

3. On Monday, I took Liam to the doctors. Day 3 of feeling exhausted, sleeping more or less all day and not eating. Told it was viral and he’d probably be ok with a couple more days rest, if he got worse to come back, if not, if he’s happy sleeping it off let him.

4. Later Monday we received a call to say Hubbys Grandad had had a fall and was in hospital suffering from facial injuries. He’d had a fall while out walking and landed flat onto concrete awkwardly with his elbow and head taking most of the impact. He was awaiting an X Ray and stitching. Hubbys nan kept us informed and he was allowed home on Tuesday.

5. Liam showed good signs of recovery and a good week at Slimming World equalled a 4lb loss taking me 3lbs away from my next award and my first personal goal. I broke my weight loss “dream” into 3 blocks. With block 1 almost done, I’m looking forward to the next block.

6. Wednesday Liam was back at school. We went to visit hubbys Grandad and he looked a poor damaged soul. Two black eyes, dark bloodied stain on his head from his stitches and told us about the bruises coming out beneath his clothes. He was in good spirits though and determined not to be held back. It was reassuring to see him upbeat despite the damage.

7. Also Wednesday, hubby and I had lunch out at a new pub we’d never visited. I enjoyed a jacket potato and side salad but couldn’t manage it all. I then felt INCREDIBLY weak and tired and after collecting the kids from school I took myself off to bed at 4.30pm. Next thing I knew it was 8pm and getting dark so I joined hubby downstairs for an hour before heading back to bed and sleeping well all night.

8. Thursday, thankfully I woke up fully refreshed. If I’d had the same bug as Liam I got away lightly. I had an interview planned and was getting ready to go when I got a call from my mum to say my Nan was in hospital. She’d had a fall the previous evening and her neighbour had found her that morning concerned that her recycling bin hadn’t been taken in and her curtains were open as if she hadn’t been to bed. Again, we spent the day waiting for calls.  I had my interview, felt it went very well but discovered there was so much more to the job than just the shop work I applied for. Lots of training days that could be virtually anywhere in the South of England,  intensive training courses and insight days to what their business and charity was about. I left the interview feeling I’d done my best but that it wasn’t for me and I probably would be held back from going further due to family commitments. Just as school was due to end we got a call to say James had been sick and needed collecting.

9. After school Thursday I had a lovely meeting with other Yr 6 parents, Matthews teacher and the school headteacher regarding Matthews Year 6 SATS exams in a few weeks and how to help the kids revise and do practice papers and so forth. They admitted the exams were mainly to put the kids in the right sets at secondary school and that the school was being judged more than the pupils on these exams.

10. Friday, with James at home sleeping off his bug with Daddy I went to a SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator) meeting regarding Liam and James’s future education and getting more help. It was a lot of filling in forms and trying to add something different to what the school may have put in their own reports.

11. I got a call back offering me a second interview on Tuesday. Sadly, I had to turn it down due to the fact that at the moment I couldn’t quite commit to all the extra roles the job entailed. I didn’t explain that I was having a week where 2 of my 3 kids had missed school due to illness (4 working days lost in the REAL world) or that I was awaiting calls on grandparents in and out of hospitals. I was just honest and explained I’d love to do it in the future but for now I couldn’t give the role or the charity behind it the full attention it deserved.

12. Liam had an eye test. He needs to go back in a few weeks as he probably has an astigmatism making his vision a little less than perfect for his age. He will be tested with eye drops and may need glasses.

13. My nan was released from hospital. They have no idea why she fell, how she fell and she is in denial that it ever happened. The specialists who have been working with her have FINALLY confirmed she is showing signs of early dementia. We’ve seen it coming for months.  She’s really getting repetitive, increasingly confused, making mistakes she’s trying to cover herself for and generally it’s been a while since she’s coped well being on her own. For now, she’s ok but the more hospital trips she has, if she has more falls, if this, if that, then some serious concerns and decisions about her living alone in her bungalow may have to be addressed. We don’t want to want to go down “the home” avenue but as she’s getting worse, it may one day have to come to the family HAVING to go against her wishes and make sure she is getting looked after and the care and support she needs but is reluctant to accept. Even if it’s a home help or something, she needs to accept she’s not doing as good by herself as she wants to be doing. It’s a sorry situation all round and we just want her to have a comfortable life whatever she has left.

14. Work went well last night. I booked a night off in a few weeks time and may be getting an extra night behind the bar. Yay!

15. It’s now Saturday, James is still poorly, sleeping alot, barely eating. He clearly has the same bug that Liam had earlier in the week. Now on day 3, he’s trying to eat the odd piece of toast and asking for a cup of tea.

16. I am going out tonight. Yes, it’s a rarity. I AM going to a party rather than the kids. It feels odd. After this week I may have to indulge in a couple of glasses of Caribbean style coconut flavoured rum to melt away the stresses of a long strange week.


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