Easter Holidays Almost Over


Happy Belated Easter to all of my readers. Just when I was getting back into the swing of regular blogging, the world decided it was time to stop again.

A change of broadband provider meant my activity came to an abrupt stop. 15 days later it was finally up and going but since it’s been the school holidays we’ve been rather busy so let’s do things simply.

I do apologise if I am repeating myself but it’s been a while.

1.  Our House is OUR house. The official word came through that completion of purchase came through March 24th. We no longer pay rent but  a mortgage and we are due back £200 of rent we had overpaid. Bonus.

2. I am still juggling two jobs. The cleaning and bar work and enjoying both. The variety stops me getting bored. The third job fell through. Not sure what is happening with that business at the moment but the cook there decided to jump ship and opened her own tea rooms in the building more or less opposite. This job fell through for a reason and I am glad I am not caught up in the turmoil.

3. The kids got their school reports just before Easter. They are all trying hard, working to their abilities but James and Liam remain behind. Nothing new.

4. Matthew goes back to school on Monday as his last ever primary school term. That’s shocking.

5. James has received a referral for a full assessment to get him extra one on one tuition in school. I had to phone to confirm to give permission for this and requested that Liam be assessed at the same time. Things are moving.

6. Liam was signed off from the Physio lady this week. I am so proud of him. I’ve always been honest with M, the lady in charge of him and say we as a family accept his genetic issues and understand he will be behind but the school are so headset on “results” they seem to have expectations that Liam certainly won’t reach this year. She agreed. She gave him a full review, testing balance, activities on his knees, his core strength and was incredibly pleased with his progress. The exercises he’s been doing at home and school have helped but she thinks the majority of his progress is down to “life”. The park play, the home trampoline, the home swings, long walks and general play at school. He’s matured, he understands more and is able to do more as everything else falls into place. Liam compared to where Liam was before has progressed well and will no longer require physio in the clinic. She intends to visit school next week with her report, pass on  more muscle strengthening exercises and leave his progress in the hands of the school. Result!

7. Hubby is currently at an interview that could have him running his own renwable energy plant. He works at one now but another one a little further away needs a manager. He’s well experienced and has good knowhow. He’s still not entirely sure if he wants the job but says it’s all experience and he’s open to negotiations on a better package. We’ll see how it goes.

8. Hubby and I are going away for a weekend in June with a few friends we’ve not seen for a while. I’ve lost alot of weight in the last 3 years since I last REALLY saw them. I’m looking forward to going and not feeling so big compared to the gorgeous wives I’m going with. I’d like to lose one more stone by the time we go (14lbs in 10 weeks is more than do-able) which would have me at over SIX STONE (84lbs) lighter than last time I saw them socially for more than a few minutes.

9. I am currently 5 st lighter than when I started. Yes, I am proud of that! 🙂  I have good months and bad months but it’s an ongoing change of life, I’m already a fraction of the person I was and need to keep going.

10. I’m off to a party on April 25th, I’m sure I’ll be able to post a progress picture or two. 🙂

I hope everyone has had a happy Easter. x


3 thoughts on “Easter Holidays Almost Over

  1. I’m glad you are getting results with Liam. So much going on for you right now! Good luck to your hubby with the job. Amazing weight loss!!! I can’t wait to see pics.

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