The Kids – The Edition I Was Going To Write Before Mothers Day Made Me Mushy.

Well, the big news in recent weeks is that the Headteacher of the boys school has quit with immediate effect. She had been suspended for a month and then, well, developments were unspoken off then we heard she’d left. First through the local news then through the school sending out an official letter.

We don’t really know the reasons but there is no end of speculation and most of us parents just want a bit of honesty. There are so many rumours flying. The more people are kept in the dark, the more time people have to make up fitting stories. To make things a logical reasoning for themselves. To blacken and tarnish a persons name. I just wanted the school to be honest with us and tell us from day 1 rather than hear it all as Chinese Whispers.

The kids themselves are doing well.


Matthew 2Matthew has and probably always will love his sports. Recently he took part in a netball tournament that was arranged throughout the local schools. He is in the after school netball team and really enjoys it. Out of all the primary schools in Sudbury and the surrounding villages, his team came second.

On that same day, he and I attended a meeting at his future secondary school concerning the new intake of Year 7’s. We watched a small drama/dance scene then had an induction talk by the induction co-ordinator.

We were given a letter with important dates including “Induction Week” that will run from 13-17th July. Unfortunately we will miss the last day as that is the day we go on holiday for the summer which means technically, Matthew leaves his primary school July 10th.It’s going to come round so quick.

When we come back from holiday on 24th July, Matthew won’t get much time to rest at first as  27-31st July is summer school for the new year 7’s. The school is open exclusively for the newbies so they can get used to their new surroundings without any other kids around and can make new friends ready for September so they aren’t completely lost and friendless when they go up to the new school.

My boy is growing up fast.


JamesAh, my gorgeous James.

I do feel for him sometimes. With so much going on with his older brother getting ready to change schools and Liam having so many appointments due to his genetics and being behind in class, I do feel that sometimes he’s in danger of falling victim to “Middle Child Syndrome.” Of course he isn’t but it’s something I have always been wary of.

Where his older and younger brother have both had educational, physical and behavioural issues between them in the past, the one who is most well behaved, plods on through everything and generally just does as he’s told seems to be the one overlooked all too often.

He is still behind most of his class but he is getting more confident and that’s all I wish for.

On Friday I am helping out in his class as they do what they call “Forest School” For the afternoon the school garden and woodland becomes the classroom. I helped out 2 weeks ago and we were on the hunt for Minibeasts. We searched under logs, in trees, in the bracken, under leaves and found a fair few bugs. We then got to make a model of a mini beast. We wrapped grass into a ball, secured it with some dried out long grassy stuff then added 8 little twigs for legs and 2 nuts for eyes to make our very own Spider. James still loves it when I come in to help or watch their plays.


Liam 2Liam is such a funny and loving little boy still. He’s the baby of the family and he knows it.

Liams class is also asking for parent volunteers this Friday afternoon as they are off for a walk to the local library. I’d already told James I’d help him so I don’t want to let him down but I did something for him 2 weeks ago and haven’t done anything for Liam just yet. I feel torn between letting down one child and not doing the same thing for the other when I gave up time for the other one not so long ago. It’s a no-win situation.  Pah.

Liam has an appointment through for a heart scan May 11th. It’s just a routine ECG and unfortunately I won’t be there as the appointment is at 9.20am and I’ll have to get the other 2 boys to school so Daddy’s gonna take him. I do want to be there though so maybe Matthew and James will get to go to their first ever breakfast club at the school. Unless of course I’m working that day then it would be another story all together and I won’t have any choice but ya know, medical things are the things that stay in my mind and I want to attend.

Liam is also due a physiotherapy recap sometime over Easter. Just a follow up appointment to see how he is getting on.

I think that’s pretty much it for now but there will be more as the weeks go on.


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