Mothers Day

Today it is Mothers Day here in the UK so it seems the ideal moment to take a few moments to reflect and be thankful for the little people that makes this day worth celebrating.

11043044_10152655816791034_2319868471006634976_nWhat more do I need to say than these are reason my for living.

My reason for getting up every morning….early….far too early.

My reason for wanting to work, wanting to provide more for their future, our future.

My reason for fighting through tough times.

My reason to live well, lose weight, strive for a healthy active household.

My reason to provide a comfortable, clean, enjoyable homelife.

My reason to better myself.

My reason to be proud of my actions, to be proud of what I have achieved and what I have helped raise into lovely young men.

My reason to live by a moral code I would have taken for granted in the past.

My reason to look at life from a far away perspective, to nurture, to care, to encourage through life, to love, to help, to nurse, to educate, to admire.

These are my kids and these are just a handful of thoughts on how they mean so much to me.


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