You Wait For A Bus Then Three Come Along At Once….. Metaphorically, Of Course.


Life is very much a blur these days. So here’s my opportunity whilst the kids are out in the sunshine to sit here with a cup of coffee and have a little r&r time for myself with my trusty friend WordPress.

Life always seems to go into the post Christmas slump then the early Spring Madness. As much as I feel I should blog more, the world comes along and takes over.

I do feel like my title suggests at the moment that sometimes, life feels at a bit of a standstill and then all of a sudden the window of opportunity is flung open as far as it will reach.

In this case, my three buses* at once are the buses* of employment. I seem to be rather in demand at the moment and have some good prospects ahead.

I am still cleaning a couple of days a week to help out a friend who has started her own cleaning service business. That keeps me out of mischief and earns a few pounds on a Thursday and Friday morning whilst the kids are at school.

On Monday I have an interview to be a caring assistant to assist people with learning difficulties but I am going to have to cancel that. The work involves shifts and wouldn’t necessarily fit around the children so it’s not ideal.

On Wednesday this week I called into a local cafe in my own village advertising for a kitchen assistant. The same job role I just finished working at the cafe in the nearby town. It sounds perfect. Monday and Tuesdays, 10am-4.30pm. The kids have after school clubs that run until 5pm so it’s completely do-able. The calling in turned into a full on interview where I met the boss, the manager and the main chef and I feel it all went very well. They are currently closed Mondays and Tuesdays but due to expansion they will be opening those days from next month as the village draws in many spring and summer visitors. They need extra staff to make it a possibility as they do get very very busy as it is. I will get a call this week to arrange a trial shift, which will basically give me a chance to work with and see if chef and I get on well, how I cope etc and possible start date. It’s looking positive. There may also be evening work as they expand into jazz nights once a month to begin.

The only trouble there is that last night, I spent the evening being bar woman at the local Indian Restaurant. Hubby and I have used the same one since we lived here and hubby is best friends with the owner so when hubby was asked if he could help out last night, he couldn’t as he had work at 6am this morning but he asked if I would be ok with having a go. So I did and I loved it. I am now booked in there for bar work every Friday and have said I am happy to do 7pm until close 4 or 5 nights a week but I’d like Saturdays off. That is cool as they have extra staff in then so I get the easier shifts and a weekend night off. R, the owner will get back to me later to arrange when he next wants me in.

So, it’s all go round here.  I’m currently guaranteed two part time jobs with the high possibility of a third. As long as I can get the kids to school and back, feed them and have daytime at weekends free then I’m happy to work around it.

I really do want to work. I enjoy being around other adults and would like to help out more financially, not to mention have a little extra cash to spend on myself and the kidlets.

I’ve always stood by the belief that if people want to work they will find work. It may not necessarily be the hours, work or money people want but if you look for it, you will find it.

Next update will be on the kids.

Happy Weekend especially to the fellow Brits amongst us celebrating Mothers Day this weekend. x

*Buses – I feel this should be spelt BUSSES but spellcheck tells me otherwise, that defies my logic of English grammar and multiples.


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