Bring On Spring

Camber Sands

The half term has flown by and it’s been a very different half term break for me. I got to look after the kids for just 1 day by myself.

On the Friday they finished school they went off to my mums for a sleepover. Hubby and I did the Valentines thing and they returned on Sunday afternoon.

Monday was all change. Hubby had the day off work and took them on a train journey to our not-too-far-away-city of Norwich whilst I went back to work at the Cafe.

I worked Tuesday with hubby looking after them, had Wednesday off and I was back at work so the boys had Nan looking after them for Thursday and Friday.

I missed that little place. I really enjoyed working that week. I had a great time and slotted right back in to it.  It did make me realise though that as much as I love it, covering for holiday for someone elses absence in the kitchen, that there wasn’t enough work for 2 cooks and a kitchen assistant. Before Christmas we were busy preparing for big orders, busy work days and general Christmas sales. Now in February, there was just the average day to day stuff to do. The days went quick and I enjoyed my time there. I have another odd day to cover March 6th which I’m looking forward to.

For the weekend with both myself and hubby off we took the kids away to a little seaside resort in Sussex called Camber Sands. We enjoyed the great outdoors, a walk along the beach eating ice creams, parks, play areas, music and fun. We stayed away over night and returned Sunday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon on the way home, we made a chance stop at a car dealership and bought a car on the offchance. There’s nothing particularly wrong with our current car……as yet but it has very high milage and is 12 years old so we’ve got ourselves a nice little Honda Accord to keep us going for another couple of years.

This weekend we got all the paperwork through regarding Liam’s genetic issues. I am rather annoyed that the letter sent to us NOW asks for an appointment to be made to check him out with an echocardiogram to check his heart. I am annoyed because we had this diagnosis FOUR months ago and now they want to check him for rather serious health abnormalities. I’d have hoped that would be an early formality but we’ve never seen any signs of poor health so feel that if it had been an issue then we’d have been seen earlier so I don’t have any worries really but I feel it that after all the blood tests he’d had and everything already, it really should have been suggested with the diagnosis back in October.

Today is their last day off as we return to school tomorrow. It’s a nice peaceful day as we’ve had a trip to the shops and James has baked some bread. Now we go back to the tv and have some snuggle time.


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