Valentines Day – My Take

This weekend, Valentines Day to be precise,  I am saying goodbye to long hair. I like playing with my hair but I also hate it that way too. It’s a distraction. It gets in my way. It’s long but not that long. It feels like it’s forever in an in-between state of nothing in particular. This weekend  I am going for it and getting a restyle.

Short-Hairstyles-For-Women-With-Round-Faces-Layered-HaircutPretty cool cut huh?

I’ll know it’s been done. My hair is dark at the moment but attacking it with scissors will thin it out and make it look lighter again and maybe for summer I’d go blond again but for now, I just need a new look and to feel a little less frumpy and to get my style back.

Yes, I will pay more attention to my hair, I will straighten it, pin it, clip it again. Why have long hair just to bung it into a pony tail day after day.

It looks easy enough to handle and with my naturally wavy hair there will be enough volume and it will work both wavy and straightened.

Not only is Saturday hair day but Valentines Day.

What am I doing? No idea.

Kids are at mums for a weekend sleepover. Hubby is working.

A bit of preening, shopping (maybe a little bit of lingerie – wink wink – a girl needs to feel good) and  cooking something good should be enough to impress the husband and for me to feel I’ve made an effort. I don’t know what to cook as yet but something in the slow cooker tastes magnificent but takes little effort. You can enjoy the evening and just serve it when it’s done without all the slaving in the kitchen.

As much as I love the concept of Valentines Day, it falls flat. We, as a couple, don’t believe in making a big deal of it. You don’t need very expensive presents to say you value someone. A takeaway dinner so I don’t have to cook does that for me. That’s thoughtful. However, I do feel I should make an effort for HIM since he works hard and does little things for me (ie, takeaways, weekends away) so I like to do something back.

The biggest problem about Valentines Day is that it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO tacky.

Presents, especially those for men are expensive or shit.

“Sorry love, I couldn’t afford an ipad/the new Hugo Boss Special Edition/racing car driving experience/hot air balloon trip for you so I got some overpriced chocolates that probably are over-rated and an ugly teddy toy thing you won’t appreciate cos a) It’s cheap and ugly and b) You are a grown man”

It doesn’t work does it?

We can’t really go out as hubby has a 5am start the next morning ready for work. Even then, a night in a restaurant with set menu’s, set prices and average food doesn’t win it for me. We’ll probably have a nice night in with a movie and an early night as that’s how our weekend tends to roll.

That’s Right, NO Fifty Shades of Porn for us at our local cinema.

2015, the year porn became main stream. I know there’s a bit of a love story in there somewhere but it wasn’t THAT part of the tale that sold the books.

I really want to watch Gone Girl. That perfect tale of why you should NEVER fuck around behind your slightly unhinged wife’s back. Haha, Perfect Valentines viewing which is intriguing, exciting, thrilling and for the husband that hasn’t read the book will have him thinking “What really goes on in my wifes head? Is this a threat? Is she plotting something all the time I’m at work?”

As for me, I don’t expect presents. I prefer a card (if he remembers) just to say he thought about it. Men aren’t the most forward thinking when it comes to romance unless prompted. I love my hubby as he is so it’s not a relationship maker or breaker.

Back when I was working as a waitress, Valentines night or Valentines weekend was always great to work. Despite being single or frustrated at the now ex boyfriends pityful efforts, it was always entertaining. There would always be a couple that would be constantly sniding at one another. This would end in an argument and one or both would storm off at the end of the night. This normally resulted in a good tip spurned on by the embarrassment of the payee, normally the male, who just wanted to be out of there as soon as they could be and couldn’t be bothered to wait for the tip. THAT couple either went home to some amazing sex or just had their last Valentine meal together.


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