New Job

I’m back in the world of being a working Mumma! Hooray.

It’s still part time, it’s only a little cleaning job assisting my friend who has left a big local cleaning company to go solo and after a couple of weeks with her client list growing she has decided to expand and I am the new assistant. Hooray.

My James is in her son’s class so it will only ever be working between 9am and 3pm as we both have the same school drops and pick ups so couldn’t suit me better.

We go round some lovely houses doing basic cleaning jobs. Bathroom, kitchen, polishing and hoovering living rooms, hallways and bedrooms. It’s not that strenuous and it’s nice working in different places. I had my trial day yesterday and rather enjoyed it.

Next week I will be getting more hours, possibly set hours and quite likely a couple of clients I can work for on my own as opposed to being in a pair like we were yesterday.

One of the houses we have is a private house that is rented out for weekends as a holiday home. I can easily do that on my own in a couple of hours after dropping the kids at school once or twice a week while my boss does another job then we can go off to further jobs in the day.

Whilst the pay is a little lower than what I was on before, I am happy that it’s guaranteed money. 10 hours (though I’m hoping for more 20 hours once we can take on yet more clients) of lesser money is still more than 0 hours of maybe having work sometime soon. It doesn’t work for me. I’d rather have a little something regular rather than wait to see if something happens soon. So whilst I did love my other job, I’m going to have to contact them today and turn down the hours I was supposed to be doing in 10 days time. The thing with zero hours is that technically, I am out of contract so I don’t have to give any notice whatsoever but because I am a decent person I will give as much notice as possible.

2015 appears to be shaping up ok so far. I’m happy. There are a few changes happening but the changes are mostly positive from my perspective and I feel this could be a really good year for me personally. Let’s hope it lasts.


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