January 22nd

Where has this month gone?

I really dislike this month so I’m pleased it’s flying by.

My oldest boy, Mr Matthew is now ELEVEN years old.

IMG_20141227_133708531Here he is with his Christmas Present of the PS3 he desperately wanted.

He seems so grown up and has the attitude to go with it. He’s still my cheeky little boy even if he drives me crazy at times.

The majority of the time he is well behaved these days, the early issues heading towards ADHD seem to be few and far between as he matures. However, he’s Mister Know It All and can be rude and talk down to people. It’s another stage he will grow out of but my beautiful Matthew does seem to act and think he is much older than what he is.

In the next few weeks we should hear about the Secondary School situation and get confirmation that we should be going to the only school we applied for.

While I’m not technically contracted at my workplace any more I am going back for a few dates in February and March to cover some holidays. I am really pleased about this!!!! I’m tempted to pop along tomorrow for a cuppa and speak to the boss. They’ve kept their end of the bargain calling me in when needed so that gives me hope that if I keep sitting pretty then maybe I can go back on a permanent basis in the coming months should funding become available. Fingers crossed with that.

I’ve taken up a new hobby. I am now a hula hooping Diva. Ha. Or at least I’m trying to be. The first couple of days it was painful. I have bruised ribs from getting to grips with a metal ring lightly encased in rubber bashing into my sides whilst I learn to control it and just learn to handle it.

I’m on day 3 of hooping and it no longer hurts. I’ve gone through that barrier of “it hurts…. ooooowwwww” but whilst the bruises are still there I’m not so rough with it or myself. I’ve discovered doing it to music REALLY helps. Day 1 I must have been lucky to do 10 secs, today I mastered 2 minutes 20 seconds before I dropped it. Huge progress already in such a short space of time. I do it in short sharp bursts doing as best as I can over 10 minutes then leave it an hour or two before trying to better my last time.

My health check went really well last week. Blood pressure was perfect. Hip to waist ratio “very good”, great lung capacity, normal urine sample. Obviously I’m overweight but active, non smoking and non drinking the woman was overall impressed with my health levels.

Next week is little Liams Genetic Specialist appointment. I’m not really sure what to expect beyond a lot of talk about Chromosomes and maybe them organising other health checks for the future. I don’t really know what it can achieve but I suppose we’ll be monitored for future reference with Chromosome Disorders. He seems fit and healthy and he is happy enough which is all we really want for our kids.

James just gets on with it all, bless him. He seems wise for his age and loves his computer games but his reading is really coming along. He’s noticing words to read in movies. I think alot of James’ struggles have been due to confidence but now he’s really getting there.

Hubby’s still hubby. He didn’t get the other job he went for within the same company but he is ok with that. He’s happy where he is but wanted to just see how he did and if he got a better paying job then all the better. He’s been a bit stressed with the house business and all but overall just ticking by as normal.

I do intend to start updating a bit more often again in coming weeks. I miss blogging, I just sit here with the box open and at a loss for things to say a little too often. It will come back I’m sure so here’s a start at least.


2 thoughts on “January 22nd

  1. Still can’t belueve Matthew is 11?! Wow! Glad all the boys are doing well. 🙂 sorry to hear hubby didn’t get the job. 😦 that’s disappointing. Love that your hula hooping! What fun and good exercise too. Keep at it my friend!

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