15 Things for 2015

1. Happy new year. Even if it is 3 days late.

2. The terms for hating Christmas cover “Grinch” “Bah Humbug” and “Scrooge”. There appears to be no term that I’m aware of that covers those people llke myself that does not find much joy in the clock hitting midnight on December the 31st. It’s a late night, I’m not a late night person. Even more so, I am not a morning person after a late night. I just find it a big anti-climax and a reminder that the weather is going to get worse, it will get colder and I’m going to be even more of moany miserable woman for the next 3 months. Bah (New Year) Humbug.

3. The only good thing about January is that a lovely baby boy entered the world this month. Next Sunday, that said baby boy will be 11 years old.

4. Speaking of babies. Early August will see the arrival of a new baby in the family. After struggling with fertility problems to have their son 3 years ago, hubbys bro and his wife are expecting again. Hooray!! Can’t wait to meet the little Anglo American. 🙂

5. Number 4 makes me quite emotional. One out of joy. Two because I miss having babies in the house. However, all broody feelings are put aside when I remember babies are lovely but they are only like that for a limited time only. They soon become children and sometimes, children are very annoying. As much as I love my boys, I am ready for them to go back to school on Tuesday.

6. Tomorrow we are having another valuation of the house. This is the last challenge in the run up to buying our rented council house. We’ve had one valuation, had a mortgage agreed in principal and now this last stage will be an agreement that we’ve not been seriously under or over valued so the mortgage can be agreed and we can sign 25 years off to being poorer but actually owning our own house.

7. Hubby has a job interview this week for a management position at work. I wish him luck with that.

8. My contract at work has ended. I am still employed under a casual contract but don’t currently know when I will be required to go back in as yet. Whilst I am still officially in their books and down as being re-contracted when the new funding comes in, I can’t help but feel that I need a bit more job security other than the odd day here and there. I know January will be a quiet month, but it never hurts to keep my options open.

9. Despite meeting my own personal weight loss goal before Christmas, I have failed immeasurably in the last 3 weeks. This month will be an uphill battle to get rid of those excess pounds and get back to life with less chocolate, cheese, bread, takeaways, crisps, crackers, cookies, wine…. need I continue where I went wrong and where those pounds came from??

10. I don’t do resolutions. I prefer to make changes as and when I need to and want to. This year I intend to stick with the diet and exercise, to continue working – ideally with contracted hours so I am in secure stable job rather than casual work. I’d like to find a new hobby or find a new talent. I’d like to completely clear my old credit card. All of which are realistic views that will make my little brain that little bit happier over the next 12 months and won’t happen overnight.

11. We had a great Christmas. We went away for a few days and it was nice having a break from the norm. We took a few presents for the kids to open on Christmas morning before them getting their main presents when we returned home on 27th December. We can happily say they didn’t feel like they were missing out at all since we’ve never spent Christmas day going swimming or watching Paddington at the cinema or going round the funfair, the soft play area and watching a comedy show in favour of the normal family stuff and eating all evening.

12. January is a month of medical things. Liam has his appointment with the genetics specialist, I have a medical with my life insurance provider. Oooh-er…

13. New year was the first time I’ve been out for new year in 12 years. We went to a Bollywood themed night at the village hall ran by the local Indian restaurant AND to a friends house party. It may have been a first time in years thing but still celebrated 2 things in one night. Good stuff. I am still paying for it regarding tiredness and a sniffly nose.

14. I am currently addicted to fruit.

15. Happy 2015 to one and all. I wish you joy, love and success whatever you wish to achieve this year. Small changes make big differences over time wether it be dieting, relaxing more, shouting less, exercising more, giving something up or starting something. Be patient and work hard for the things you want this year – life will reward you for the effort you put in.


One thought on “15 Things for 2015

  1. Good start up 2015 post! This makes me realize I didn’t do my usual year in review that I do. I don’t love the form or qs really but hey ho what do you do?? I’m just trying to update more!! Happy 2015!! Hope the year is s great one for you and your fam!

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