Back – Briefly

I can’t believe it’s so close to Christmas and just how busy I have been in recent weeks.

I REALLY love my work. Technically I am approaching the end of my 3 month contract but there is a good chance I will be kept on. That’s been the biggest change in recent times and how I have just found my time disappearing into a massive abyss of school run, work, school run, dinner, rest, bed. Throw in the Christmas shopping, the wrapping of presents, general day to day life of fitting in friends and family and the occassional family crisis and you’re pretty much on track of how life is.

Anyway, just a reminder I’m still here for now, I owe you all a decent catch up before Christmas on my little gentlemen, the husband and the fun and games we all share.


One thought on “Back – Briefly

  1. Three months at your new job already?! I bet they will keep you on. How could they not! I can’t believe how close it is to Christmas either! Are you all ready? I’m not yet. Yikes lol!

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