One To Ten

1. I love the new job. It’s varied. It’s a lovely bunch of people, it’s just what I wanted to go back into the working world with.

2. The first week of work felt strange, it went really quick. Getting paid will be even stranger.

3. The kids have finished for half term. Yesterday was a non pupil day. I was at work so daddy took them to the local toyshop and out for lunch.

4. I had a night out last night. Despite me liking a drink occassionally, last night I wasn’t in the mood.

5. Unfortunately my friend was. I felt like a babysitter for the latter half of the night. Unsurprisingly, she suffered for it.

6. As much as I love my friend, I think we vary on what we want from a night out. The coffees and lunches are great. The wine nights not so much from my point of view. She’s older than me so I feel she should know better.

7. Next week it’s Halloween. No, we aren’t doing anything. We’re not Halloween people, it’s fairly big in the UK but nothing on the scale of America.

8. Even better, this time next week James will be 6!!! The only reason I count down to Halloween is because the one time I went out trick or treating with Matthew, a second baby boy arrived early next morning.

9. We are in the process of trying to buy our house. We currently rent it from the council but as tenants for several years we get the right to buy and get a discount on the house. I suddenly feel very grown up at the thought of mortgages et al.

10. Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to one of my very favourite bloggers whose baby girl arrived this week. I am so excited for the little family and a little envious I never got to experience a daughter, but hey, I have 3 boys that are gorgeous and amazing and there’s always the chance of a granddaughter in the future. 🙂


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