Emotional Week – Part 2.

It all started off on Monday. It was parents evening and I left the school absolutely brimming with pride for my 3 young gentlemen.

Liam has his struggles but is really well behaved, tries hard and does some things well ahead of schedule compared to his class. He excels in phonics (letter sounds) and numbers and will always put his books in the right places without prompting. This has recieved a great deal of praise from his teacher since he’s the only child who does this with books. Well done bubba!

Matthew is maturing, his behaviour in class is very good, he works hard, he is getting better with distractions and generally getting on with his work. He needs to be a little neater and tidier but on the whole his work is good, he gets homework done on time and he is a happy helpful member of the class always willing to help others.

James has made a great deal of progress. He is reading much clearer and far more confidently. He has begun spellings this year and though he struggles with the writing side of it, he knows the phonics and blending involved to get his words right. He is keeping up with work and getting on better than expected in his class. He’s still a little behind and gets a little further help in a group situation but he is doing very well with the extra support. He is a confident and happy member of the class with a cheery outlook and always wants to take part in activities.

On Tuesday I got the phonecall on the previous post.

Wednesday was meltdown day but I needed that. After a good cry I went home, sorted myself out and went out for a job interview for the school kitchen. I felt it went well, I had the experience, answered all questions to the best of my ability and left happy knowing I’d done my best it was just up to the other applicants.

Whilst on my journey to that interview I received an email inviting me for a chat about another kitchen job I’d applied for for the following day. It wasn’t worded as an interview but I said I’d go along.

I applied for this job late. I found it the day it was closing and was told I’d get a call back later that day. I didn’t get it. I called back the next day and the lady was really helpful telling me to email over my cv and they’d have a look despite it being a day later than the closing date. That was last Friday. I didn’t expect to hear anything back, I thought they were being polite to fob me off and that no-one would actually check but lo and behold an appointment was made for Thursday morning.

I went along to the cafe and courtyard place where it was situated and the more I heard about the job, the more I tried not to get my hopes up. It was a beautiful environment, the job I know but with so many different things in the job role. It wasn’t just a glorified pot washer job as the school made the job sound like but something a bit more challenging with many features I liked, different aspects. Three kitchens I could be working in at different times. The cafe, the conference suite and the baking kitchen. I met alot of the workers and went home with a massive smile on my face.

I felt once again I’d done well in this interview and had to wait until Friday to hear from both jobs to hear either way if I was successful in the employment.


I got rejected for the school kitchen. Which was ok, it was only 2 hours on a Friday which wasn’t great. It was the job that made sense. It was the “head job”. The smart choice. School holidays free, school hours etc. No worries. I’d have worked there but that would have been it, I think I would have found it pure drudgery and doing it out of duty.

The job I loved, the “heart job” accepted me. 🙂 I start tomorrow.

I was so excited to be offered the job I couldn’t contain my excitement. At the end of the job I cried tears of joy. It had been a stressful week finished on a high.

The bit I’ve failed to say about the job, which caught my imagination and took my heart is that it’s not just an ordinary kitchen job. It’s a government funded charity which encourages work and support for adults with learning difficulties. With my kids at different stages all having had difficulties themselves, I felt it a perfect job for me. I’ve thought about teaching before yet I don’t want the paperwork. I’ve thought about therapy work but cannot commit to 5 years of study. I’ve wanted to work in care homes but I cannot give them the shifts these jobs require with a family to look after.

This way, I’m doing a little bit of everything I love.

A big part of my job is to help train and oversee the adults with learning difficulties to give them confidence, to help them work in a friendly atmosphere and get life experience where they might not necessarily get it elsewhere. It’s a help in the community type job and with all that we’re going through with Liam, I really want to give something back. To use what I’ve learned over the last few years as a mother to become a better person and help those much less fortunate than myself.

I stumbled upon this job by accident but I get a really strong sense that this job was meant to be. I found it for a reason, This is where I am supposed to be in life and I think I’ve finally found my work “purpose” in life.

It sounds ridiculous but I feel like I’ve discovered a new part of me I wouldn’t have found before.

I believe everything happens for a reason, this stuff with Liam, it’s to show ANY of us can have struggles, there are different levels of it, different reasons behind learning difficulties and disabilities. Any of us parents can have a child like that.

I’m a fortunate person with good health in my kids and they appear to have small issues. I appreciate all the help and support I’ve been given. I want to give help and support to those who are still worse off than us.

When you have a baby, you go through several months of discomfort, several months of worry, of growing to love and bond with that baby. You give birth. I’m sure we’ve all thought “Thank God I can relax a bit” after the birth. Yet that never comes. Every different stage meets you with something you’ve never tackled before. You have a baby it appears in perfect working order, ideal health then when they grow up a bit they get bugs, illnesses. They go to school. New problems arise. Sometimes they need more help. It never ends.

Life is that cycle where you never know what’s coming next. You go from phase to phase, step to step, taking on each challenge as each day comes. I’m feeling incredibly happy that I am able to help others with difficulties get through their own daily lives in a happy, safe environment where they are clearly cared for and happy to be working.

I think I will be happy there too.


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