1) Summer is certainly over here. The nights are shorter, the days cooler. I’ve even resorted to wearing woolen clothing to keep myself warm.

2) I’m another year older than I was when I last posted. Next year I turn 35. I will then officially be nearer 40 than 30. That’s a thought.

3) Hubbys Grandparent sold their house and enjoyed their residential stay. They are hoping to be in their new home in the next couple of months.

4) Hubby has applied for a management job at work. Same company, different role. Basic pay is lower than what he’s on  now but within 2 years his wages are highly likely to double.

5) We’ve got all the paperwork to start the official process of buying our home. We currently rent from a council and well, we can spend the same money each month and own it within 20 years. It also gives us the freedom to sell it and move house after 5 years to just about anywhere. We fill in the forms, we wait, we get the mortgage, it’s ours. It could take some time.

6) The “business oppertunity” still looks like it could likely. It’s a strange one. Without giving too much away, I could be running my own catering venture. That’s all I can say……for now.

7) In case it doesn’t come through I’m still looking for part time work within school hours.

8) Matthew no longer has to have a support person in school. The Team Around the Child (TAC) meetings have come to an end as he has progressed enough to no longer need help. He still has some personal growth to attend to regarding relationships with his peers and a few organisation and tidyness issues but I know he can do it!

9) Matthew and I took a tour of what will be his secondary school next September.It does look rather good. I just hope he settles in well and make lots of new friends.

10) Liam had an appointment with a physiotherapist this week. Following on from the Child Development Center we were sent to a specialist to test his physical ability. Liam carried out a set number of tasks as the physio took notes. At the end she told myself and the teacher who came along to share the schools view that she couldn’t see any major problem. She agreed he was a little behind for his age but he showed no sign of not being able to do something entirely and that he would improve with regular practice of the things we were doing. I didn’t actually realise myself that Liam could throw and kick a ball so well let alone how good he was at catching. She said he was showing good hand eye co-ordination and if she was going to be critical then it seemed he got more from copying actions rather than being instructed. If he could see something visually he did much better than being told what to do. Whilst this could be holding him back a little she certainly didn’t look upon it as a serious issue like his teachers have been pressing. Her initial assessment resulted in her agreeing to come into school to see him in PE and see him in group situations as thats where I feel his struggles are but she just said to keep him playing and catching as much as he wants to and don’t worry about being behind because he’ll more than likely catch up. He’s just turned 5 and can manage the tasks, the rest will come with maturity. She was rather abrupt about schools pushing too hard with children and not letting them develop at their own rate. She said the school need to focus on what he can do rather than what he can’t and develop those before getting him out of his depth where he is more likely to continue falling behind.


I LOVED this woman and she confirmed everything I’ve always said.

11) Monday is parents evening for all 3 boys,

12) Someone clever gave me two appointments in different classes at 4.10pm. Sigh. Luckily one altered the appt to 3,30 so I can see all teachers in one day.

13) I know what I am gonna get with parents evening. All the boys have their struggles and it’s going to feel like lecture after lecture. Liams teacher and I work closely together, she’s always chasing things up. She means well but can be suffocating. Matthews teacher seems ok but I’ve not yet met her. I’d like to hear her spin on things. And as for James, well, I know he’s behind and he struggles and I need an appointment with his teacher at some point as she said we’ll need to talk. James finds school really hard, he is doing great with the one on one at home with reading and spellings, even his writing is coming on but in school needs constant pushing to do things and has short attention span. Yet he comes out chattering about what he’s done every day. It’s a confidence thing I’m sure of it. He’s a quiet peaceful kid and whilst he tries hard and gets on with it at home, I can see why the school find it difficult to teach him and would have no problem with him having a one to one teacher to help him. It’s just getting him that. I do feel the kids are put under too much pressure too soon and it comes back to the parents and puts the pressures on us. If only they could see the boys I see at home.

14) Birthday weekend away was a lot of fun – even if the music was awful. Thankfully there was a late night club open that played alot of 90’s music so we enjoyed that. We had a lovely trip into Brighton and enjoyed fancy dress night.

IMG_20140927_223415438IMG_20140928_244833957butlins fancy dress 2We had a great laugh and lots of fun that weekend and would happily do it again next year but on a 90’s break over the 70’s.


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