September Thoughts

1. We have applied for Matthews Secondary School. Oh my….

2. Hubby’s grandparents are going to be moving to the residential apartments. Their bungalow is on the market and they have had a lot of interest in the property including a viewing day yesterday. There have been two clear offers already. They are ready to move into the supported accomodation and will be staying for 3 days next month to get a real feel for it before signing contracts.

3. All going well, they will be moving in November or December.

4. My nan is going downhill fast. Her health is never great, that hasn’t worsened but her mind has. She’s getting very repetitive, very forgetful, very fretful, frustrated and angry about the smallest of things. It’s been like it a while but is getting much worse. She is constantly depressed but won’t do anything on her own, complains no-one visits her when they do, no-one phones her when they do yet she won’t leave the house without my mum taking her somewhere and will never phone anyone for help but my mum.

5. My mum is getting the brunt and getting down herself because of my nan and is really feeling the pressure.

6. In better news, it’s a very exciting week.

7. Last Wednesday my best friend turned 40. Hubby and I are having a weekend away with her and her hubby (who turned 40 in June) for a birthday weekend Sept 26th – 29th inclusive. It’s going to be MAD! 🙂

8. There will be a fancy dress night. Best Friend and I are going to be Saloon Girls. Like this:

saloon9. Lifting the skirt to expose leg is an optional extra!

10. I still have my beehive/Amy Winehouse wig from the last fancy dress night to wear.

11. The boys are going as this:

vicar12. Baby boy Liam is 5 on Tuesday.

13. Hubby is a fair bit older than 5 on Wednesday.

14. Liam has a Moonpig card coming complete with pictures of him all over it. He is a vain little sausage. He’ll love it.

15. I’m still thinking of ordering a Moonpig card for hubby but it’s easier picking a kids card than his.

16. Friday we went to Legoland. It was great fun. Finally got Liam on some bigger rides even if he didn’t like them.

17. He did love the rapids but did not enjoy the log flume or the baby rollercoaster.

18. The 4D Legoland Cinema was brilliant. It may have only been a short movie but was very very good. We watched Spellbound about a bad wizard trying to take over a village. It was very good.

19. I read one of the best books in a long time last week. The Shadow Year by Hannah Richell covered a mystery and a bit of emotional female reading over a span of 30 years. It was an excellent tale with some great twists at the end.

20. Finally, I did something out of my comfort zone the other day and entered a photograph competition. I’ve never done anything like it before and I don’t expect to win but if you don’t try you’ll never win anything. The theme was for a nature Calander courtesy of a power network and they wanted local photography. Straight from the camera or phone. No editing of any sort. I sent off the limit of 4 as recommended. It’s always worth a go.


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