Pictures Say A Hundred Words

IMG_20140904_081154630 IMG_20140904_081426019 IMG_20140904_082123846_HDR IMG_20140904_082239303 IMG_20140904_083206728 IMG_20140904_081119955 IMG_20140904_083120487

It’s back to school day.

The oldest Matthew is on his last year of Primary school as he enters year six.

Middle man James is now in year one.

And baby Liam is in reception class.

All are schooled from 8.45-3.15pm. It’s going to seem a long day.

I already have requests in for tonights dinner. Matthew wants burger and chips, James wants chicken korma and rice, Liam wants jacket potato and cheese.

I’m actually looking forward to collecting them. I’m not used to so much quiet or having the tv to myself.

I wish my little men well and hope they are enjoying their day in their new classes. x


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