1. It’s the last day of the school holidays. For the first time ever I feel a bit more sad than relieved.

2. Yes, I am an evil mother for admitting that.

3. This year the kids have been that little bit easier to deal with. Matthew is maturing and his behaviour is improving by the month and the other 2 are that much bigger and more able to amuse themselves. I’m less of a slave to all 3 as Matthew wants to help and does regularly. Matthew helps the little ones with so much, it’s lovely.

4. I must be at the “peak” of my cycle. I’ve been a bit broody this week. I can tell the difference between “peak” cycle and “due on” time by whether I’m obsessed with babies (peak) or if it’s the opposite and AF is due when I get really obsessive about my hair and feel the urge to get it all chopped off.

5. Of course, broodiness also comes with letting my baby’s go. Baby-est boy is off to full time school tomorrow. I’m a bit emotional for that.

6. I realised just how anxious and sad I am about it when I had a bit of a nightmare about it all the other night. It started off taking the boys to school but upon collection time Liam was not there. I was hysterical outside the school doors sobbing, “Where’s my baby? You’ve taken my baby! I want my baby back!” I don’t think I need to go very far into my side interest of dream interpretation of what that meant!

7. My husbands grandparents are going to be going into assisted living quarters. It’s not a residential home, but they have their own apartment including lounge, kitchen, shower room and bedroom and all the benefits of a residential home with bills paid, entertainment, cleaning done,Β  meals three times a day and a whole new host of friends. Hubby’s Grandads health has taken a turn for the worst in the past few weeks and though he’s not suffering too badly he’s in his 90’s and they both realise that life is getting tough for them in their bungalow and that they may be best to accept that whatever time they have left, they will be better with less work and stress and to actually relax and enjoy life.

8. Back to the good stuff, it’s birthday month. I love September. 3 birthdays in the house within a week is expensive for family but alot of fun for us. πŸ™‚

9. I spent the morning cleaning out all my kitchen cupboards and doing a major declutter. I filled 2 big black binbags of old food we won’t finish, old utensils, old blenders, cracked serving plates. Ya know, the stuff that gets pushed to the back of the cupboard and forgotten about? All that has gone. I then gave the cupboards a good clean as you tend to get grease splats no matter how much you wash things up and then re-sorted the cup/glass cupboard, the beverage cupboard and all the plates which had double up as a cereal EVERYWHERE cupboard. The mini boxes of cereal were everywhere, old boxes of cereal that we’d started and didn’t like but still stayed there were binned. I’ve decluttered 2 boxes of “bits” that didn’t have a real home, done the washing, thrown out the dead flowers.I feel I’ve got a lot done today.

10. September is going to be a good dieting month. I can feel it in my bones! School holidays are the toughest time ever and I’ve managed to lose a grand total of wait for it ….. 3LBS in 6 WEEKS. Yes, it’s horrific. However in my defence, I’ve had a holiday, a wedding anniversary weekend away, meals out and my weight has been up and down. I NEED my routine back, I need a pattern to my life. I need the kids out the house, If they don’t eat biscuits, I don’t eat biscuits. It’s all SO simple deep down. Holidays make me weak but I am full of positivity and will do so much better this month.

11. On the plus side I went clothes shopping recently. A new coat is 2 sizes smaller than my last, I am down 1 size in jeans, 2 in stretch trousers and down a whole cup size in my new bras. Something is working.

12. I want to lose at least 6lbs by my birthday. Hoping 3 of those will be gone next week as I am determined to get that 1stone award this week. I’m very very determined. I just need to remain focussed and strong. I can do it.


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