4 Years Married



Just a small selection of photo’s says so much more than a few paragraphs.

Even today I am still impressed with the handywork in these photo’s.

I made the bouquets, the vintage style flowers in the hair and the jewellery for the bridesmaids were their gifts from myself and hubby.

The dresses were all made by Mother in Law. The wedding dress and veil were beautiful and everything I wanted, the bridesmaids dresses were also made by her. Cadbury Purple satin with a shimmer fabric over the top. The girls dresses were finished on the morning of the wedding. M.I.L had made them all strapless and kept material back for them to choose what, if any style of straps they wanted. One went for traditional straps, two the halterneck.

The kids look so small in the second picture. Back then they were 11 months, 21 months and 6 years. That seems the biggest difference.

Yesterday, I was speaking to Matthew about how I knew C was the man for me.

It sounds really strange and I am not a superstitious person as such but I believe there’s so much more to the world than we’ll ever understand.

When I was younger, about 7, I decided my favourite number was 17. I had no reason to like that number yet I did.

When I first met C, I met him on the 17th of the month, his birthday was the 17th of the month and I lived at a house numbered 17. I saw that as a good omen. My “lucky” number x 3 had to mean something. That was good start.

Then the time I realised he was a real “keeper” was the first time he met my ex. No-one had ever stood up to him before. So when my ex was intent on causing a fight C simply told him it wasn’t a good idea, had a quiet word and they stepped off in opposite directions. That was a real relationship WOW moment. In the past, my ex’s way of defending me was to be verbal and threatening. It was in his nature, mouth off, shout, lose his temper and eventually lash out. C was the opposite. He was as non-confrontational as myself but smart enough to hold his own and not be intimidated. A male equivalent of me had to be good!

Needless to say, whatever the little mental system in my head was looking for, well, C lived up to it all. I do feel that because my previous marriage was so full of emotional rollercoasters that when I realised this one was right, I knew how to appreciate the little things.

For our anniversary this year we had a quiet day on the day itself. The day after the kids went to my parents for the weekend so we had a nice romantic meal for two at our local curry house then met up with some school mums for a round of drinks.

The Saturday we booked ourselves in at a local holiday camp with ridiculously low prices (ha) and went off to the local seaside town wandering the shops, having a walk along the beach, fish and chips lunch before checking in at the chalet park. We enjoyed a game of mini golf and the evening entertainment of a magician was really good and one even I couldn’t figure out. Excellent stuff. A few drinks and some games of pool in the evening made it feel like a nice little date night doing more than just the restaurant and pubs thing that we always end up doing. It made a refreshing change.


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