Erm…. I’m Sure I Had A Lot To Say

I really need to keep tabs on what I want to write. Keep a pocket notebook with me at all times or something like that. Some days I feel I have SO much to say. However, when the time arises that I doactually have the time to blog, everything in my mind just disappears. From things we’ve done to the funny things the kids say, I need to keep a better log of just what is going on in the world.

This weekend was a lovely little surprise. MIL babysat so hubby and I escaped to a hotel in the town of Dereham, Norfolk.  A nice little market town about 30 miles way turned out to be just a nice little break from the norm. From a trip around some shops to a night at the Cinema in an old tiny theater but with a mega up to date 4k screen, we watched The Inbetweeners 2. A film hubby has been wanting to see but it wasn’t me at all. Great movie if you think like a 15 year old boy, other than that, it didn’t do much to impress me. I thought it better to watch that as I’m not really a movie watcher, my concentration span with tv and movies is below that of my 4 year old. I don’t sit through many 30 minute or 60 minute programmes without reaching for my phone, pc, a drink, a piece of fruit, wander to the toilet, a look out the window. Attention span of a toddler – That’s me!

We then had a meal out in a local steakhouse, Resonably priced but lacking that “something special” we had a nice decent meal but one that I feel would easily be forgotten. We then had a crafty drink in our hotel before retiring to bed early. Ahem…. MIL was babysitting so we could have a night away for anniversary next week after all.

An early start the next morning we made our way to Norwich. The Cathedral City of Norfolk. I love Norwich. There’s so much there and though it’s alot of shops you get elsewhere it feels relaxed with none of the hustle and bustle of other cities like York or London. East Anglian people are incredibly relaxed and don’t hurry through the world.

Despite a weekend of looking in shops, we barely spent a penny other than food, drink and Cinema. We were very frugal.

Today I have purchased for myself a new hair colour. With the sun the past few weeks, I was more yellow haired than blonde. I’m now “Lightest Golden Brown” which is much calmer and I have missed my brunette days.  I’ve also treated myself to 3 lovely nail polishes. This in itself is unknown as I never have nails. Yet, somehow, within the last 4 weeks I have not bitten my nails once and now my nails are looking good, feeling strong so I’ve added a good splash of red. You can tell I don’t do nails as I am finding it increasingly difficult to use the computer keyboard and my touch screen phone these days whilst part of me would like to say it’s getting easier, it won’t be all the time I’m getting longer nails.

The boys are enjoying their holidays, even if Liam does keep asking if go “Back to school tomorrow?” He was so proud trying on his uniform he cannot wait to get back to school now he’s going to be so well dressed.

IMG_20140808_185746125 IMG_20140808_185800318IMG_20140808_185805393

My little boy is just so grown  up already.


4 thoughts on “Erm…. I’m Sure I Had A Lot To Say

  1. How nice that you and hubby got to go away! 🙂 These little trips are so lovely and needed. Grandparents are the best when they babysit for us like this! Sounds like you two had a great time and a well deserved break and were frugal to boot! Ps. I thought the Inberweeners was a tv show?? Lol!!

    1. Inbetweeners started off as a tv show but they realised they could make more money by making a movie. It did so well they made another one and much more money. Not my type of film these days but it was a night out. Next weekend we’re kid free again as they are having a sleepover at my mums. 🙂

  2. Sounds a lovely time away. It does you good. I’ve been to Norwich once long time ago with hubby n kids, I seem to remember it being a lovely place. Your little one looks lovely in his new school uniform. Hope you’re all enjoying the last week’s of the school hols. XXXXX cathy

  3. What a cutie! I am the same way… Always thinking of things to write about and then I forget. We should carry a tiny little notebook with us to write our ideas in. Thanks for your kind comment the other day… Meant a lot!

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