Every Mothers Holiday Dilemma

“What can I do to entertain, maybe even gently educate the kids, in the school holidays without breaking the bank?”

My husband uses the car for work so I am limited in what I can do with 3 kids meaning it needs to be done at home or within walking distance.

This week we’ve enjoyed a riverside picnic. We took a walk down a country lane, crossed a bridge and parked our bottoms on the side of the river Stour and tucked into a nice little feast. Exercise, friends, healthy food (for me, not so much the boys) and sunshine are what make the days special.

A trip down the lane to where the trees line the horizon, a right turn and over 2 footbridges gets us to the picnic field we use in the hamlet of Liston.
liston 2
Our picnic spot.

The kids love the great outdoors and as the river is just a few minutes walk from home, we spend alot of our summers here. The kids can have a runabout in the field, then we go through the fields to come back through the centre of the village stopping for a well deserved ice cream.

The next couple of days have been spent in town, having local walks and a trip to visit family.

Today we are being creative and learning a skill at the same time.

The kids are making homemade pizza.


Matthew has already prepared the dough. I’ve made the sauce. I will soon prepare the cheese, pepperoni, chorizo, ham, sweetcorn, peppers, onions, jalapeno’s, tomatoes and basil so the kids can help themselves to make their own pizzas, I know the boys will go for all the meat and I will go for all the veg!

The base is actually a basic Slimming World recipe. Bread flour, yeast, salt and water. And I am using my cheese as a healthy calcium choice today so it’s a Slimming World girls dream. I will have a smaller portion of cheese than the kids too. I’m having a good week, I’m determined not to cave in just because it’s the weekend.

Healthy eating is a daily lifestyle change. If I want to lose it and keep it off, then I need to change my ways of thinking as much as eating.

I’m not entirely sure where the rest of the weekend will take us, it’s sometimes just nice having no plans.




One thought on “Every Mothers Holiday Dilemma

  1. Sounds like a lovely day! 🙂 it’s so beautiful where you live and I’m
    Glad you share pics so I can live vicariously through you! Those homemade pizzas look delish! I want one now! And mmmmm healthy too! Good job mummy!

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