Film Review – Noah

I’m on a blogging roll! I’ve missed the old world of blogging, it makes a big difference about being in the right setting and now I am getting a feel for this I am feeling the pull and making more updates.

Today, I am going to write a film review. I’ve never done that before so I do apologise in advance and would like to issue this little disclaimer.

“My review is my thoughts. I do not intend to insult others opinions but this is what I think. I may accidentally give away bits of the plot, I may get my character names muddled up, I may forget them altogether but in general, here’s what I thought.”

Noah – 2014

Noah2014PosterWith actors such as Russell Crowe, Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Watson, Sarah from Labyrinth (the movie of my childhood) aka Jennifer Connelly and introducing me to a couple of new actors this was going to be a big scale movie.

I am probably not ruining too much of the movie if I explain the brief plot of a story that most of us learnt in the first year of school. God (referred to in this movie as The Creator) is angry with the world. The people are ruining it. He decides to destroy it. The only person who has any idea of this is Noah (Crowe). Over time he has visions and decides to go and see Grandpa (Hopkins) in the mountains for advice on what to do. Grandpa isn’t much use but tells him, he will do the right thing. In another vision with everybody and everything drowning the animals begin to swim up to a vessel. That’s it. Noah understands he has to build a big vessel to save all the animals. He and his family have been chosen so they begin to build.

There were many times I felt this movie fell off the original story to make it a bit more Game Of Thrones-esque. The feuding family, the war and hatred and killing amongst men. The “Watchers” who were indeed giants made of rock. I really cannot recall this in the kids bible stories we learned at school though, since I am not religious or a church goer myself, I could be the one misinformed.

Along the way they picked up a little girl who had been left for dead with the rest of her village. Despite surviving an attack she was left with a Harry Potter style scar and Mrs Noah announced she would  have no children. Mrs Noah came across as quite a witch Doctor throughout the film using magic potions and boiling things for answers. So the little girl, she was taken in by Noah and his family and grew up to be Emily Watson ie Hermione Granger from Harry Potter who knows a bit about magic, wizardary and witchcraft herself so settled in well with the family of Noah. Predictably her friendship developed into a relationship with the oldest son of Noah, Sham. He is not to be confused with the second son Ham who looks very different and is a rather troubled selfish character. There’s a younger brother too but he was rather overlooked I felt.

Again, I don’t remember the adopted daughter in the story I knew.

Amongst the religious viewers, I am sure there will be alot of acts in the film where people shout “that’s not right!” at the screen. Did the baddie King (Ray Winstone) really stowaway on the ark ready to take over the new world with Noah’s family? Were there rock giants?  I was also under the belief that the story stated it would rain for 40 days and 40 nights and the flood waters would rise steadily. Not it would rain for 5 minutes then the ground would break sending off huge water jets into the air to defeat the war going on around the ark as Ray Winstone and his followers tried to embark the ark.

Also some parts of the movie made me question simple humanity. In particular, when Noah left his original land to find his grandfather he travelled for weeks maybe months through completely barren, waterless rock land with his wife and family. I never took much notice of this until the rock land had a single drop of rain land on it, the water became a stream and life began to grow. The grass, the trees. There was finally vegetation. This made me wonder just how Noah and his family had survived this epic trek across lands with no food or water for weeks. And how, with all the trees shooting up from nothing to full size, how did the trees know how to leave a gap in the clearing for Noah and his family’s tent and not destroy it.

I see flaws with the movie but overall it was a good watch.

There are some GREAT special effects and the fact hubby and I watched it in the comfort of the lounge, could pause it for toilet and drink breaks (at 238 minutes, they were needed) and the additional extra of watching it in 3D it was that bit more special and a good way to spend a weeknight.

Good film, a story we all know despite the odd detour from the original plot and the rather naff ending where Noah seems to have a touch of depression followed by a 2 minute wine drinking problem but a cuddle from his nearest and dearest makes the world a better place.

That makes my official rating of this movie:

4 out of 5


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