Summer Nature or Hints of Autumn?

The scene behind my house on Sunday morning.

On certain walks over the past few days I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of red berries on the trees.

The odd leaf falls to the ground.

The farmers are reaping the fields collecting the wheat with their combine harvesters, tractors and their trailers.

Since the fields have been cut down I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my hay fever so I no longer feel like my sinuses hate me and that heavy head feeling, sniffy nose and general run down feeling has lightened immensely so I can enjoy the great outdoors without a daily pill before I start my day.

I’ve always considered blackberries to be an autumn fruit yet found these on the local countryside walk. However, I thought I would do a little research and discovered that there are two varities of blackberries that grow in the UK. European and North American. This means in the UK we can have blackberries come to fruit from as early as June right up to the frosts of November. The North American breed ripens first (sun loving) and create the bigger juicier variety of blackberries with the European blackberries surviving lower temperatures making them seasonal later and longer but less sweet. So it’s true, you do learn something new every day.

Ripening blackberries. North American variety.

We’ve already had our first holiday casualty. Matthew split his toe open in the garden walking into an uneven piece of concrete after being on the trampoline barefoot. Alot of blood, a mums panic of “do we need a hospital trip here?” toned down to use of an antiseptic wipe and a couple of plasters later, I think he now understands why Mum insists on socks on whilst on the trampoline and shoes and socks on in the garden at all times. He’s now hopping about a fair bit. Despite my initial panic (I’ve never seen a foot dripping blood like that or soak a tissue so much before) I got him to sit down, elevate his leg and just try to stem the blood flow. Where does this Mum’s common sense in a crisis come from? But once I could see the injury and saw it was just a big slit, I realised that though it looked fairly deep, there wouldn’t actually be alot the hospital A&E department could do other than bandage it up and wait for it to heal itself. It’s right on the edge of his big toe so wouldn’t be possible to stitch and the steri strips would be hard to fix so I just went into nurse mode, cleaned it up and covered it myself. Voila! Mum can nurse!

Also, I have begun my back to school shopping. Hot on the heels of not crying when Liam left nursery, I thought I would strike out with the uniform before it made me too emotional. I have the boys shirts, trousers, PE tops so far. They have jumpers and book bags so I feel like I am storming through. These are the things that tend to run out in our sizes far too quick for my liking.

James is really into books right now. He’s taking part in the local library 6 weeks reading challenge. For the first time, this year he is actually reading his own books. We are currently halfway through a Meg and Mog book. He’s getting really confident with certain words and sounds out a lot of others. But I have seen so much progress over the last 8 months in his abilities.

We are under care of the local Child Development Centre as James has always struggled with certain things and looks like he has a weakness in his muscle tone so we have been doing a number of exercises as recommended by the Occupational Therapist and he has really developed there too. He’s storming through. All I can ask and all I can expect a 6 year old to do in Year 1 is to try his hardest to see what he can do.

Liam, well, he is just Liam. Such a little character into absolutely everything whose sole love in life is jacket potatoes.

Matthew will be going back to school and going through his last year of primary school. This is shocking! How can my baby boy be getting ready for the second stage of his education!? It doesn’t seem possible he will be 11 years old in the new year.

I must not wish away these holidays. We are having a lovely time so far.




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