As one holiday finishes, the biggie is just beginning.

Ah, here we are. The first Monday of the school Summer Holidays. Of course, our holidays started earlier when we went away on July 18th to this glorious place!!!

Minehead Tor.
The view of Butlins from the harbour
Butlins outdoor pool.
James, Liam and Matthew on Minehead seafront.

The kids love this holiday resort. It’s especially my youngests favourite place in the world. This year, the weather was very kind and we basked in 27oC temperatures most days. We got to spend alot of our time outside and really enjoyed ourselves.

We had an onsite funfair, swimming pool, 3 kiddies parks, an indoor soft play area, an indoor fun pool, kids clubs in the morning, afternoon and family entertainment every night.

We saw:

Kids tv stars Dick And Dom

and Mr Maker:

Mr Maker performs. Included his dancing shapes.

Liam really wanted to see Mr Maker. He loves the “I am a shape” song and dance so was not disappointed when this was featured as part of the show.

We watched The Wheel Of Death which was clever, but much more exciting in the title rather than the practice. That said, you wouldn’t catch me doing THIS over concrete:

IMG_20140719_153842973_HDRWe spent the days by the pool, at the funfair, walking into the town, spending time on the beach. We made the most of the break and as the kids get older, it becomes less and less stressful. Even hubby and myself can relax with a cheeky bottle of beer or cider.

Holiday highlights were watching my Liam ride a pony for the first time

IMG_20140720_111201257 IMG_20140720_111308079

The Circus.


Watching the kids enjoy themselves with simple things.

Liam on the train.
Bubble Guns
Water Shooters
The big poser waiting for the bus

We all really enjoyed the holiday and then Matthew went off to London for the weekend to stay with his aunt and uncle so he had a lovely extended break. He came back having visited numerous museums, seeing free sporting events, getting free ice cream on Regent Street and most importantly of all, visiting Chelsea FC. He now has a new football team he supports! Which is good because we’ve been trying to get him to support a British team over Barcelona for a little while.

The days back have been fun. As well as catching up with the washing from 7 days of holiday we’ve also had friends round for a barbecue, trips to visit family, walks to the library and shops. Enjoyed a takeaway or 2 and now we officially start the holidays wondering what to do on nice days with a limited budget. Whatever we do, we started the summer on a high and will not be topping it in a hurry.



6 thoughts on “As one holiday finishes, the biggie is just beginning.

    1. It is what you make of it, fortunately, the weather was very much in our favour but it’s all our kids need at their ages. The little ones love the soft play areas and seaside, it’s the bigger one that will start feeling it’s “beyond him” in the next few years. However, the site is really secure so we can let him do his own thing that bit more than at home. He spent a lot of time playing football with a group of kids he got to know there and going to the funfair. He loved that bit of freedom.

    1. We try to do this holiday every summer, bit of a trek being 5 hours by car or 6 by train and bus but the kids love it. We booked the same week next year in their newly built accomodation. So new, we saw them building it whilst we were there but the plans look good. We will be self catering but we’re going for some real home from home type feel. It sounds huge. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, lounge and storage space. All ground floor with patio. Hubbys mum will be coming too, so it’s good to have the extra space.

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