End of an Era

Today I expect there to be a few tears.

Today marks my baby boy’s last day of being a pre-schooler. Nursery is coming to an end and it’s his transition day to Reception class.

This is a big leap for any kid and when it’s the youngest, there’s a whole new pang of emotion involved.

I hate to think how “Empty Nest Syndrome” feels. The emptyness of the house when kids go off to college or university with their own accomodation really must be a time of mixed feelings. The return of that freedom you gave up for kids and the feeling of loss.

I’m rather an emotional person. As much as I try to be the tough, strong mother the exterior breaks at times like this.

I even got a little upset giving out Liam’s present to his teacher yesterday. After having her for 2 years for both him and James, I wanted something special for her. She has done so much to help both boys, she’s been more than just a teacher and given us so much support with the boys evident learning difficulties that I couldn’t let her go unrewarded.

I don’t normally do teachers gifts at all but in this case, her hard work and dedication has been well beyond the realms of any teacher, let alone nursery teacher so Liam presented her with the gift of a £20 voucher with a massive pub chain based in Suffolk. She can use it in a number of restaurant chains across the UK so it gives her a lot of freedom (about 380 options to be precise). She has a young family herself and it’s her wedding anniversary this week so I just told her to enjoy the holidays whether it be a nice romantic night out for 2 or a cheap day out with the kids without worrying about cost of dinner when they are out or even treat her colleagues to a round of drinks at the local to which she laughed her typical cheeky little laugh and said “Yeah, right?” with a big smile. Rather the response I expected from her and had hoped for. 🙂

I just like to treat people how I’d wish to be treated and I do believe some people don’t realise just how special they are and that they deserve that little bit of telling every now and then.

Technically we don’t finish until next Wednesday but as we are off on holiday tomorrow, this is the last day and the end of an era.

So, yes, yesterday was a little emotional and I expect today to be much more so.

Obviously all parents are proud of their kids and I am no different. The tears come from pride, from acceptance that this stage is over and that the future is a massive unknown place but a place of great oppertunity for us all. Not just the kids.

From September, I will have all the kids in school. It’s time for something for me. I’ve said it repeatedly, I don’t want to be a stay at home mum with no-one to stay home for. I want to make my footprint in the working world again and move forward rather than float about all day like a lost puppy waiting for it’s owner to come home. Waiting for someone else to bring happiness to my day.

Of course, my main concern has always been the hours and the holidays.

I also said I didn’t want to work in the education sector.

Then somebody made a suggestion that snowballed and seemed the answer to my troubles.

How can I work, flexibly, good hours, not bad pay, holidays off and stay out of the classroom?


By getting in the kitchen.

I’m an experienced chef, I used to cook for 60 ladies a day in the residential home by myself so why not apply for jobs in the school catering industry?

Of course, these jobs are few and far between as everyone wants these sort of hours and holidays but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out and make a few applications over the coming months.

It’s not the school that employs school cooks but the council. I’m happy to travel to the nearby town every day as long as I have enough time to get there and back in time for school collection. I’m happy to go part time in a job share. I can be flexible too. I just want to get the ball rolling and apply for jobs, get interviews and so on. I’ve been a stay at home mum for almost 11 years, it’s time I gave something back.

Of course, there’s nothing out there at the moment. I need to wait until school restarts. There could be an influx of schools requiring extra staff as the schools take on the task of giving all school kids up to the end of Year 2 free school dinners. We’ll soon find out if the schools are staffed enough in the kitchen but I won’t get my hopes up just yet and keep my options open.

It’s a big old world out there. Both for a kid going into Reception and a Mum starting out all over again too.


2 thoughts on “End of an Era

  1. I think you’ve every right to feel sad. I teared up when M went to daycare! I can’t imagine how I will be when he starts real school! And the empty nest syndrome must be very hard too. A total life change! I think your idea (or was it someone else’s?) for the job sounds perfect! What a great idea!

    1. I was really good, I didn’t cry. It did feel strange though. With the job idea, I had thought about it before and someone else said it was ideal for what experience I had got and so forth.

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