Her Place

They always used to say “A womans place is in the home” or “A Woman should be in the kitchen” and you know what, I am not a feminist that finds this offensive suggesting women should be just a living domestic and cook.

Nor am I a traditionalist that believes women should stay at home, look after the husband and kids and put her own needs and wants on the backburner.

I am however, happy to be a housewife. Housewife, home maker, full time mother. Same thing, different title. As a family, we are lucky to be in a stable financial position so that I don’t have to work. I’m very fortunate for that and yes, whilst part of me would like to go back to work, it’s not in my best interests right now.

Where can I get a job that is Monday – Friday, 9.30-2.30, no evenings, no weekends, no shifts, 13 weeks holiday a year, flexibility for kids sickness, non pupil days, possible teachers strikes, non pupil days, snow days, parents evenings, school plays, child development meetings, further educational needs meetings, Child therapy, speech therapy, progress reports? The list is endless!

The only way I’ll achieve a chunk of this is to work in a school but to be honest, I volunteered and it just wasn’t for me.

I need to be a full time homemaker for a while longer. All of my kids have some developmental struggles from speech, to motor skills to suspected ADHD which was dismissed but one or two behavioural issues remain.

For now, I work keeping the house ticking over. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I am not an “under achiever” because I don’t have a career. I love what I do, I love those I care for. I had one teacher at school who was very much a feminist, she was a divorced mother who took up teaching when her marriage fell apart so she could do something for herself. She was a GREAT teacher and my career advisor. When she asked what I wanted out of life she scolded me for having no ambition as my future intention was to have a family and take care of them rather than have big hopes.

I’m a simple girl with simple meaningful dreams.

I love my little world. My favourite space in the house is has to be the kitchen. I love cooking, baking, creating, imagining and keeping healthy. I love cook books, I love writing, I love blogs, I love flowers, I love good coffee and a good gossip over a cuppa. I just love that whole little country girl lifestyle I have become accustomed to.


3 thoughts on “Her Place

  1. I think this is so true! A lot
    Of people look down on the job of a homemaker or stay at home mom
    But it isn’t easy and like you said, look at all the things you have to do and need time off for with the boys. Maybe when they’re older you could find something part time – if you wanted. 🙂

    1. Welcome my lovely friend. I will have to have a look later on. My news feed at blogger barely works and it’s just too much rubbish so I’m sticking here for a while. You should come over too. 🙂 I truly do admire working mums, there’s more I could get done in a day, but I tend to run out of time so I can’t imagine the work/family/household routines for people who do work like yourself. It does seem once the kids are in school it gets both easier and harder. You have that time they are at school but it’s amazing how much time you spend in school and running about to keep the school happy but that’s another post altogether. x

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