His Place.

Hubby has spent the whole morning sorting out the shed.

To be fair, the past two years has seen our shed actually being the overflow for “the cupboard under the stairs” where homeless clutter, junk and things we might need one day goes for months until it’s found. That pile of things we might need one day ends up being taken to the skip. So much for keeping it in case we need it. With decluttering you need to be forceful. If it’s in the shed for up to two years, we’ve obviously managed without it, we haven’t missed it and if we have we’ve highly likely bought something else to replace it.

I mean, a broken kettle, a hoover that doesn’t suck up like it should. Why do we keep these things in junk limbo. That space between being no good but we are still reluctant to take it on a dump run. What if one day our good hoover stop working and the one that isn’t perfect is better than nothing? What were we thinking? If the new nice spangly hoover breaks we’ll do what we did when this one let us down. Go out and buy a new one.

We are using this as a good little practice and making the time to make a little money if we can. We’re saying goodbye to the middle boys toddler bed. A Little Tykes blue racer car bed.

We have no babies or toddlers in the house so it’s fitting we should start removing such items from storage. Stair gates, booster seats, old beds and my God, the BOOKS we have. We just don’t use them. The kids love the local library so the few hundred we have acquired over 10.5 years of having children are just filling cupboards going to waste so I am donating them to local childminders and I’m tempted to ask if the school would let me do a book sale outside nursery/reception. All proceeds going to me!

So hubby is now on the dump run and feeling proud of the new clean shed. The lawn mower is now easy to get to, Matthew’s bike is visible, tools are in the tool boxes, we know where the pet carriers are should we ever need one, the rubbish gone and all shelves are manly boxed up to the rafters.

Just as a room should be.


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