Glastonbury? Yes Please!

I would be the last person to call myself a festival lover.

Whilst there seems to be a big number of people in my circle of friends who will attend a party weekend in a wet field with local musicians and a fair few oddly dressed hippies, I’ve never really felt the pull of the great festival fever.

I’m certainly more of a luxury hotel type of girl than a camper. The only mud I’d normally getting myself covered in would be a mud treatment as a special occassion at a spa, so Glastonbury though it looked cool, would always be a bit of a strange idea to a woman who loves her creature comforts.

So, when a few years back my husband suggested Glastonbury, I was a little unsure but I’m open to persuasion. He went years ago and looks upon it as one of the best years of his life. Not because of the music, the big bands, or the whole hype, but he looked upon it as a massive food, drink and culture festival.

It already began to sound more attractive.

Whilst he saw The Killers live he was much more impressed by The Magic Numbers and the relatively unheard of female artist who was in a little indie tent doing an accoustic set. This year that same artist was on the big stage doing incredibly well. That was none other than Lily Allen. He also enjoyed the comedy and circus aspects of the festival. His favourite comedian was a lady with a cheeky monkey friend – the now highly recognised ventriloquist Nina Conti, who again at the time was a rogue unknown signing.

This weekend we’ve watched all the BBC highlights. Ok, I skipped alot of the bits that didn’t interest me but I discovered a new artist I really like from it. Caro Diamond is a cross between Amy Winehouse (Not just because sang a song called Liquid Lunch) with her sound of real instruments, a little jazz but with the poppiness and cheer of Lily Allen. It really piqued my interest in the unknown acts. Of course, I could be rather out of touch and she could be quite big in the underground scene or amongst the younger generation. At 33 I feel a little out of touch some days.

Hubby and I were also really interested in the little operatta performed by Dexy’s Midnight Runners lead man Kevin Roland. It was a singing performance with drama. Best of all, it was English so I could understand the tale it was telling. It was certainly more operatic than typical musical.

Of course I loved Ed Sheeran, especially the little accoustic filler the BBC showed and spent a good amount of time mesmerised by Dolly Parton. What a woman! I can only assume her looks are surgically and botox enhanced beyond recognition but she’s nearly 70 looking 40! If I could look that good at 40 I’d be a very happy woman!


So, having seen so much that could be of interest with 5 days squeezed into 5 hours of tv coverage I do actually feel that this could be a future possibility. We are actually thinking that maybe next year we could have an early 5 year anniversary break and actually go there next June. It would be crazy, I would be living those teenage years 17 years too late but ya know, it would be great. A real experience to go to and a big tick on the things I’ve done list in life.

I suppose we should look at registering for tickets.




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