Stepping Down

Last year, I joined up for the local school fundraising committee.

As much as I want to have the best start for my kids, for their school to be up to date and a good place for them to learn, I soon discovered it wasn’t for me.

The meetings were too formal.

The main focus was to keep the school pool open when I believe that the money they raise could go toward better things. The pool haemorrhages money. It costs alot for the upkeep, not to mention the repairs, the chemicals, the swimming instructor, man hours and volunteers to actually help the kids in the pool.

Of course, my kids love the school pool but it’s money down the drain. Quite literally as there was a leak in the pool that lead to the soil underneath displacing. This means no matter how much they fix the pool, the more discplacement will continue as the foundations of the pool are not strong enough so it will continuously need to be repaired.

Then comes the issue, because you’ve helped out or attended a meeting once, you become relied upon for everything. I’ve attended the meetings, I’ve helped restore the nursery and reception area but the focus is once again on the pool. There are so many little areas I’d be willing to help with yet feel that some things are being over looked by pure pool tunnel vision of some committee members.

The final issue, is that my husband works long hours. 12 hour shifts, approximately 4 days a week due to a rolling rota. He also works alternate weekends and doesn’t get home much before 8pm when he does work so that’s evening meetings in the local pub I cannot attend. If he is working, it’s hard to get things done at weekends with 3 children in tow. If he’s not working that weekend, then family time is more important than ever.

So whilst the school is an important part of the society we live in, I will continue to support from a spectators view. I will buy raffle tickets, I will donate cakes for cake sales, I will attend summer fete’s. I will keep up the fun things and leave the official business for those who are most suited to it.


2 thoughts on “Stepping Down

    1. I gave it a go for a year but felt I was putting less and less in. I was one of the founders of the group which judging by the amount of people at the meeting has tripled in size in recent months so I don’t feel so bad about backing out. I like the idea of helping, I’d just rather have more family time and worry about the school less.

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