All New 50 Things All About Me

1. I was born September 1980, in the English town of Colchester.

2. I am an oldest child.

3. I have 1 younger brother.

4. I left school having passed all my GCSE’s – Except latin. I couldn’t be bothered in the exam.

5.My first boyfriend was when I was 14, he was 16 and a bit of a bad boy at school.

6. My first serious boyfriend was a truck driver.

7. I married on September 8th 2003, a year to the day I began dating my fiance.

8. Matthew was born January 2004.

9. It was a tempestuous relationship to put it nicely.

10. After several years on off I filed for divorce in June 2006.

11. I met my husband C, in November 2007.

12. A week later we had our first date and were inseparable from then on.

13. 6 weeks after we started dating, he stayed with me and Matthew after Christmas and never went home.

14. January 2008 my divorce became official.

15. I could no longer tease C that he only wanted me as he had a thing for married women. 😉

16. In February 2008 I fell pregnant. Sudden but a blessing.

17. James was born in November 2008.

18. We must have all had a great Christmas because I unexpectedly found myself pregnant again in the new year.

19.We thought we’d make it official and got engaged July 2009.

20. Liam arrived September 2009.

21. In May 2010 we upped and left Colchester for a new life in the Suffolk village of Long Melford.

22. We had our perfect home, perfect family and just had one more thing to complete life.

23. We married in August 2010 back in our hometown of Colchester. We’d already booked everything before we moved house.

24. For our honeymoon we left the kids with family and went to Cornwall for a week. It was lovely.

25. Since the chaos of all those years, I hit 30 in September 2010 and life since then has been much calmer.

26. C is a type 1 diabetic so I cook alot from scratch. Good job I love to cook.

27. Before I had the kids I had a variety of jobs.

28. I worked in a shoe shop for work experience and then carried on as a Saturday assistant. It was my first paid job.

29. I then worked in a papershop near my school.

30. I was going to go to college to study social studies, philosophy and religious studies to get a pathway into social care.

31. I was also accepted on a childcare course as an apprenticeship.

32. I was so used to getting money for work and working alot between exams and the time I got my exam results, I turned them both down and got an office job instead.

33. I hated that office job.

34. Do I regret turning down the courses? Yes and no. I’d love to have further qualifications under my belt but I am a strong believer in we shape our own destinies. If I hadn’t taken the path I did when I did, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I so should have done philosophy!

35. After the office I worked in a dental surgery as a trainee nurse and receptionist.

36. Then I worked in a restaurant as a waitress.

37. In the same restaurant I trained as a chef.

38. Eventually I became trainee manager.

39. After 3 years I left as I grew tired of the long shifts and weekends.

40. I still look upon that as a job that shaped me as a young adult.

41. I had so much fun working there, I really developed as a person in those few years.

42.  I then worked in an elderly ladies home as a cook.

43. My last job before having kids was working in my local newsagent and off license. Again this was a great place where I felt as though I was being paid for making friends.

44. The only thing in my life that I would improve would be my weight.  I’d like to be a healthy weight. I’ve never been a “normal” size.

45. Despite living with 4 males, I’m quite girly. I think I need to be.

46. I LOVE shoes.

47. I LOVE flowers.

48. I LOVE walking.

49. I am into amateur photography. Nothing too flash, I just like to capture the beauty around me.

50. Where do I want to be 10 years in the future? Hopefully pretty much where I am now, life is brilliant these days and I don’t take a day for granted.


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